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Class Attendance

Attendance and Comportment

  1. Attendance at classes is required and is considered an essential component for each course. Failure to attend classes may affect the final grade, depending on the policy of the instructor of each class.
  2. If at any point before the add deadline a student has missed more than half of the scheduled class sessions, an instructor may, in consultation with the student's advisor, drop a student from a course. The instructor shall submit a drop card to the Registrar's Office, signed by both the instructor and the student's advisor. The Registrar's Office shall notify the student about the instructor-initiated drop. Note: The intent of this policy is to enable faculty, during the first week of classes, to enroll a wait listed student in place of an enrolled student who has absences as described above.
  3. Each instructor should report to the Dean of Students any excessive number of absences which, in the opinion of the instructor, affect the student's work. Negligence in attendance indicates that the student is not attempting to fulfill course requirements. Continued indifference to attendance obligations may result in separation of a student from the College. A student who discontinues attendance in a course without officially withdrawing may receive an "F" in the course.
  4. When a student has an emergency (death in the family, severe illness, or other compelling circumstances), the student should notify the Dean of Students Office, which shall inform the various administrative offices and the student's instructor(s) and advisor(s) about the absence. However, all absences, including emergencies, are evaluated by the instructor. It is the student's responsibility to notify the instructor in advance whenever possible about an absence. In all cases, the student is responsible for course work missed.
  5. Excused absences for religious holidays must be arranged in advance with individual faculty members. Faculty members are encouraged to be sensitive to students' religious preferences, and will, if at all possible, accommodate student requests for an excused absence. Faculty members will also make every effort not to schedule exams or quizzes on religious holidays when a student's desire to observe that holiday has been expressed. However, the final decision to schedule an exam or quiz rests with the faculty member.