Drop-Add Procedures

  • All returning students who register for the Fall 2016 term prior to August or new students who register during August orientation may need to make changes in their schedules (add-drop courses) after on-line registration ends.
  • How do I add-drop after on-line registration ends?  Fill out an add-drop card (green) available in the Registrar’s Office.  You’ll need permission (a signature) from the instructor to add or drop a course; your advisor should also sign the card.  If you are adding a course, turn in the card to the Registrar’s Office during the week of August 22-26.  The drop deadline for full-term courses is October 19.  For other relevant dates, check out the Academic Calendar
  • May I enroll in more than 4.75 units? Not prior to the first day of classes.  On or after the first day of classes (August 22, 2016), students wishing to elect units in excess of 4.75 may do so with the written authorization of both the major advisor and the Registrar. Such approval requires that the student have a minimum grade point average of 3.200 and no incompletes, and shall be made only after evaluating the student's academic progress and the reasonableness of his or her program.  No student may register for more than 5.5 units in either the fall or the spring term. Students seeking an exception to this policy may petition the Academic Performance Committee.  For information, deadlines, and the procedure to request an exception, go to course overload policy