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Psychological Research at Beloit

Psychology students have access to many of the department's psychological tests and pieces of research equipment including event counters, stopwatches, a polygraph, and a VCR and color monitor. We also have SPSS loaded on the computer in the common area. If you would like to use a particular piece of equipment or reserve a room for data collection, ask your instructor or faculty advisor for help. If you would like to purchase a particular psychological test for research purposes, the department will pay half the cost, up to $50.00.

All research must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to its commencement. The IRB prefers that proposals be submitted on-line using the form at See your instructor or advisor for information and advice about how to submit an IRB proposal.

A student who conducts research under the auspices of the department may apply to the department for money to cover research-related expenses. See your instructor or advisor for information about how to apply.