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Requirements for the Major

Psychology Major

(12 units)
Twelve units consisting of 4 units of required core courses, 5 units of electives in the department, and 2 units of electives outside the department. The core courses ensure that each student has a thorough understanding of key issues and concepts in the discipline, as well as methods used by research psychologists. Electives in the department, drawn from 1.b.-1.g., ensure that each student will complete a survey course in each of the primary subfields of psychology and a capstone seminar in one of the primary subfields. An additional elective in psychology gives students more flexibility to achieve breadth. Electives outside the department, drawn from 2.a.and 2.b., ensure that each student explores other disciplines that investigate questions about mind and behavior.

A printable version of these requirements can be found here

1) Ten departmental units (at least 7 of which must be taken at Beloit):
   a) Core courses: Psychology 100, 161, 162, and either 300 or 325
   b) Developmental psychology: 1 unit from Psychology 210, 215, or 225
   c) Experimental psychology: 1 unit from Psychology 230, 235, or 240
   d) Personality and abnormal psychology: 1 unit from Psychology 250 or 252
   e) Social and cultural psychology: 1 unit from Psychology 260 or 265
   f) Capstone seminar: 1 unit from Psychology 310, 315, 360, 375 or 385
   g) One additional elective unit in psychology

2) Supporting courses (2 units):
   a) One unit in the biological or chemical aspects of behavior, chosen in consultation with the major advisor
   b) One unit in philosophical or sociocultural approaches to issues relevant to psychologists, chosen in consultation with the major advisor