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Jobs and Careers

You are encouraged to visit the Office of Career Services at the corner of College and Emerson (in the Liberal Arts in Practice Center) for information on vocational in­terest testing, job listings, résumés‚ preparation, and interview tips. In addition to careers in psychology and mental health, psychology majors pursue careers in market research, law, medicine, social services, teaching, management, and government service (to name a few!) Your faculty advisor will be glad to discuss career opportunities with you and suggest internships and other special activities that might help you decide on a career. We also own a copy of Career Paths in Psychology: Where Your Degree Can Take You, a book published by the American Psychological Association that describes the subfields within psychol­ogy and the career options available to psychology students. The website,, also provides information about educational and career paths in Psychology.

Also see "Letters of Recommendation" section.