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An internship is an opportunity to work part-time in a professional set­ting. A student can arrange for an internship in the local community during the school year or anywhere in the world during the summer. We strongly recommend that you complete at least one internship while at Beloit. Having an internship can benefit you greatly as you will gain "hands-on" experience and knowledge of a work setting that interests you. An internship also will convince employers and graduate admissions committees that you are genuinely committed to your area of interest.

Internships can be completed for credit or no credit.  In either case, the internship will be listed on your transcript.  Internships completed for credit (1/2 or 1 unit) include a substantial academic component.  For example, a student who spends the summer providing psychological services in a prison might read several books and articles, interview inmates, and write a paper that analyzes the inmates' responses within a conceptual framework devised by psychologist Hans Toch.

Over the years, psychology students have been interns at many sites, including: a women's shelter; an advertising agency; a children's day care center; a center for the treatment of substance abuse; a probation and parole office; a halfway house for people with schizophrenia; a public defender's office; a nursing home; a political lobby in Washing­ton, DC; a private psychiatric hospital in California; a chemical senses center; and a dolphin research facility in Hawaii.

Talk with your advisor about which internships might interest you most. To arrange a placement, talk to a staff member in the Liberal Arts in Practice Center (on the corner of College and Emerson.)  They will provide you with more information about internship opportunities and help you contact internship sites. We also have several internship guides in the department.