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Learning Goals

Mission Statement

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.  As such, the mission of the Department of Psychology at Beloit College is to help students learn to think like psychologists.  To achieve this goal, students generate and evaluate empirical evidence while considering theoretical perspectives of the discipline.  Students actively engage with a rigorous academic program that includes comprehensive coursework, internships, and student-faculty research.  Ultimately, and in an ethical manner, our students will contribute to the knowledge base of psychology and apply psychological principles to everyday life.

Learning Goals

Students who complete a major in psychology at Beloit will:

  • Acquire a knowledge base in psychological science
  • Be able to evaluate claims and evidence
  • Be proficient in research methods and statistics
  • Acquire professional communication skills
  • Demonstrate information literacy
  • Exhibit sound values and judgment
  • Apply psychological knowledge effectively

To view a complete list and explanation of our learning goals, please click here