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Academic Advising

You may select a major advisor from the department's full-time staff and change advisors whenever you wish. However, there are several situations that might limit your choice. Ordinarily, faculty do not serve as academic advisors during their first year and part-time instructors do not serve as advisors. Faculty on leave must temporarily assign their advisees to another faculty member in the department.

We encourage you to seek advice from all psychology faculty members. Your advisor will not feel slighted when you seek additional opinions. On the contrary, he or she will admire the care you are taking in planning your program. You should also consider setting up joint appointments with several faculty members to discuss important issues (e.g., graduate school). Although your advisor must clear you for registration and sign any Add/Drop cards, you should discuss academic and personal issues with whomever you feel most comfortable. If you find yourself routinely seeking advice from someone other than your advisor, you should consider requesting a change of advisor.