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Check list of requirements

In March 2019, a revised set of requirements for the major was approved. These include changes to the "Supporting Courses" requirements, as well as to requirements for courses at the 300-level. For more information, please see the text of the email that was sent to all current majors on March 25, 2019 by clicking here.

To view and print a checklist of the NEW PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR REQUIREMENTS (as of March 2019), please click here

To view and print a checklist of Psychology major requirements that were in place prior to March 2019, please click here


Notes about requirements:
1. You may substitute BIOL 247 (Biometrics) for PSYC 161.
2. Supporting course should be selected in consultation with your Psychology advisor.
3. You may take up to 3 units of psychology at another college/university and apply those credits toward your psychology requirements with permission from the department. Check with the Registrar and your advisor before enrolling. PSYC 162 (Research Methods and Statistics II) must be taken at Beloit.