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Advice from Former Students

Advice from Former Students

After our students graduate and leave Beloit, they often say something along the lines of "Gee, I wish I had -------." 

Here are some of the things they've told us.

* I wish I had learned how to use SPSS.

* I should have gone on the Estonia/Morocco program!

* I wish I had done an internship.

* I should have paid more attention in Statistics and Research Methods because now I need to use that stuff.

* I wish I had done more leadership kinds of things, like being an R.A. or an officer of a club.

* I wish I had started planning sooner for "after Beloit."

* I wish I had gotten to know the professors earlier and more actively sought their advice about opportunities for research, preparation for grad school, and careers in psychology.

* I wish I had done a Special Project.

* I should have gotten information about graduate schools during my junior year.

* I wish I had made a presentation at Student Symposium.

* I wish I had realized that you don't have to go to grad school in psychology just because you're a psych major.