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Why Beloit?

If you’ve heard what our students have to say, you might already know. Still want more reasons? Listen to what others say about aspects of Beloit—and learn why it’s a choice rewarding, life-changing, and 100% unique.  

Campus Environment

  • “[Beloit] is a place to develop a strong sense of identity.”— Loren Pope, Colleges That Change Lives 
  • “Beloit’s intimacy offers students opportunities to shine that simply aren’t as readily accessible at larger schools. The experience here seems to foster intellectual curiosity. All this activity in such a concentrated space creates an intense but positive environment.”—The Princeton Review 
  • “The school tends to draw students who are looking for their own path, but who want to make sure that path is lined with rigorous academics and interesting friends.”—The Fiske Guide to Colleges 

Student Satisfaction

  • “Beloit is a happy place that multiplies talents.”—Loren Pope, Colleges That Change Lives 
  • “Beloit students report themselves happier with their overall college experience than many students we surveyed elsewhere.”—The Princeton Review 
  • “Beloit gets 94 percent to 97 percent of its freshman back for sophomore year, which is at least as good as the status schools.”—Loren Pope, Colleges That Change Lives 

Student/Faculty Collaboration

  • “It is not unusual for [Beloit] students to be co-authors with faculty members on papers presented at professional meetings and occasionally of a book. It would be unusual for an undergraduate to have this kind of excitement or get this kind of recognition at a university.”—Loren Pope, Colleges That Change Lives 

Teaching and Academics

  • “Teaching is the faculty’s first priority.”—The Fiske Guide to Colleges 
  • “Beloit’s students are heavily involved in their own education. [Many] present an individual project in open forum and submit to questions from other students, faculty, and staff. Some projects have been good enough to be accepted for academic professional meetings.”—Loren Pope, Colleges That Change Lives 
  • “Beloit’s educational opportunities begin the moment a student walks on campus. Beloit is an academically rigorous East Coast liberal arts institution blended with the freer spirit and slower pace of the life of the Midwest.”—The Fiske Guide to Colleges 

Producing Future Leaders

  • “What Beloit turns out is a better, more effective person, and one who tends to go on getting better.” 
  • “[S]eniors and recent graduates are saying [. . .] emphatically that Beloit has changed their lives. 
  • “[B]y the time they graduate, more than half of Beloit’s students have had some kind of off-campus study or internship, in this country or abroad. Also, over 80 percent of graduates have completed an independent study or special project.”  
  • “Sixty-three percent of graduates go on to get graduate or professional degrees, which puts [Beloit] among the top 50 in the country. And when it comes to producing future Ph.D.s in sociology, anthropology, geology, and foreign languages, it’s in the top 15%. When Who’s Who is used as an indicator of major contributors or achievers across the board, Beloit again appears among the top 50.”  
  • “Beloit is a founding member of the International 50 [. . .]. This group produces foreign service officers, ambassadors, and people who get doctorates in foreign languages and international studies at four to six times the rate of major research universities.” 

—Loren Pope, Colleges That Change Lives  


  • Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine rates Beloit as one of the top “Private Colleges Worth the Price.”  
  • U.S. News and World Report rates Beloit as a “Best value for quality and scholarship.”  
  • Beloit is one of thirteen colleges on The Princeton Review’s Financial Aid Honor Roll, which celebrates schools excelling in both financial aid awarded and student satisfaction with awards.