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Beloit College
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You can read glossy literature all you want. But when it comes down to it, the best way for you to learn about a place is to visit. During a visit, you can see Beloit as it is: a place to study, play, eat, learn, experience, sleep, and explore. Most importantly, you can get a better sense of whether Beloit is right for you.

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 *Construction Alert* Through 2016, visitors traveling to and from Beloit on I-90 will experience delays. Click here for more information.

Use the Visit Calendar below to help you schedule your visit to Beloit -- you'll see what we offer each day, as well as dates when the campus is closed due to breaks or holidays. Use the links above to schedule your visit -- either individual, for an open house visit day, or as a group. If you aren't able to visit campus but would like the opportunity to meet with us, check out the "Meet Us in Your Area" link.

(For a window-size version of this calendar, click here.)