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Your Questions, Answered.

Q. What are the housing options at Beloit?

A. Beloit offers a variety of housing options: traditional residence halls (first-year students are placed here), special interest houses accommodating students with similar interests such as the Outdoor Environmental House, The Alliance, French House, and many more, as well as apartment and townhouse-style living for upperclass students.  

Q. Does Beloit have an Early Decision Plan?

A. Yes. Students who apply under Early Decision have identified Beloit as their clear first choice college and if admitted, will enroll. Students applying also for financial aid must file the CSS Profile by November 1 so that Beloit can send the financial aid award with the admission decision. 

Q. What do students do on the weekends?

A. The residence halls are 95% occupied on the weekends—this is NOT a suitcase college. There are musical events, theater and film, lectures, theme parties, Ultimate Frisbee, sporting events, and more. There are occasional sponsored trips to Chicago by bus, or some students may hop on the Coach USA bus to Madison to explore our state capital city.

Q. Wisconsin weather? Explain.

A. There are definitely four seasons in Wisconsin. There are usually 2-3 weeks during the winter when it can be bitterly cold but that’s why boots and parkas were invented. Unlike some other northern climates, Beloit winters can be gloriously sunny.  Cold but sunny.  Spring, summer, and fall are just what you might expect if you live in the Midwest—moderate in the spring and fall, sometimes unusually hot in the summer. 

Q. Does Beloit have an application fee?

A. No.

Q. As an international student can I get a scholarship? What does it cover?

A. International need and merit aid is highly competitive and reserved for students who cannot afford the cost of a Beloit College education without some financial support. Our most prestigious award, the World Affairs Center Scholarship, covers the full cost of tuition, but not room, board and travel expenses.

Q. How are decisions from the Admissions Committee released?

A. Admissions decisions are released through mail, although students can check the progress of their application on their Applicant Status Page, which is provided when a student applies.