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The Collective

Our Mission

The Collective aims to create a collaborative environment where students are able to complete both assigned and self-designed projects with a greater degree of creativity and agency. In short, it is an effort to help students make the most of their work study by allowing them to develop their technical and professional skill sets, produce tangible work which they can claim as their own, learn and discover new areas of interest, and enjoy themselves while contributing to the goals of the organization.

The Collective has three main goals:

  • to help the college's Enrollment Division, in collaboration with Communications and Marketing, enroll the next class of Beloit College students
  • to inform the college and the community about events, activities, and accomplishments of students, faculty and staff
  • to connect with and engage alumni, friends, parents and prospective donors

Our Work

The Collective has been in existence since 2013. In the last eight semesters, student members have created essential campus resources (like the campus map); gotten the word out about Beloit on the web (via Snapchat posts and Instagram); covered events and created content (via Beloit Access Television and live streamed events); captured 754 photos on Homecoming weekend and designed T-shirts worn (and won!) by the Beloit College community.

The Collective has created videos that cover what to expect at a Beloit College visit day and what it's like to live in special interest housing. They've captured a snapshot of what it means to be a Beloiter, documented trips taken over break, and summed up in 60 seconds what you can expect from a study abroad experience.

There are many more examples of student work, but we encourage you to look around our website and our social media channels. If you see something you find inspiring, interesting, or unique, odds are a student in the Collective was involved in some way.

Available Positions

Members of the Collective are assigned to a specific job or role, such as photographer or special events assistant, but are encouraged to cross-train and try their hand at other forms of work. For instance, a student may be hired as a web assistant, but also dabble in photography, videography, or writing. This allows students to explore and develop a broad range of widely applicable skills.

*We also reserve four open positions for students wishing to use work in the Collective as a special project to fulfill the Liberal Arts in Practice requirement.

The Collective meets weekly during the academic year, on Wednesdays during the Common Hour--these are paid staff meetings. At the meetings we discuss current projects, assign new projects and event coverage, and review work in progress and completed projects. We also kick off each semester by bringing members of the Collective back two days early, to provide training, brainstorm ideas for the semester, and generally get to know each other.

We're looking for

  • eagerness to learn
  • enthusiasm
  • positive attitude
  • sense of humor
  • excitement about Beloit College
  • pride in the Beloit community
  • team players
  • bold thinkers
  • students who will push us to think creatively


Complete the online application and send your resume and portfolio (if applicable) to Melissa Dix, Applications are made available November 1st and April 1st and deadlines for applications are December 1st and May 1st.