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First-year Applicants

Application Requirements:

1. A Completed Common Application.

2. Secondary School Report

This includes your transcript and counselor recommendation. Beloit College gives preference to applicants who have challenged themselves academically with a strong rigor of curriculum. While there are no specific curricular requirements we like to see: Four years of English, three years of a foreign language, three years of college preparatory mathematics, three years of laboratory science, and four years of history or social science.

3. Teacher Recommendation

We recommend that the recommendation come from someone who taught you when you were a junior, but you know your teachers best so request a recommendation from the teacher who will provide the Admissions Committee with the most insightful perspective of you as a student.

 *Note: If your teacher or guidance counselor would prefer to submit their materials by mail, by fax (608.363.2075), or scanned and sent in PDF format to, they certainly may do so but the Common Application is the preferred method for submission.

Optional Components:

1. Standardized Test Scores

Submission of test scores (the ACT and SAT) is optional for most applicants.  This policy allows applicants to decide for themselves whether or not their test results accurately reflect their academic ability and potential. Home-schooled applicants and candidates applying from secondary schools that do not provide grades are asked to submit results from one or more standardized test, such as SAT, ACT, AP, or IB examination results, or grades from college courses. Applicants for whom English is a second language should take the TOEFL or IELTS. Scores can be submitted either directly from the testing agency (SAT code: 1059 / ACT code: 4564) or on your official secondary school transcript.

2. Interviews

A great way to learn more about Beloit College—and help us learn more about you—is an interview. At Beloit, the interview is meant to be a conversation. Contact the Office of Admissions to set up a campus visit or learn when we’ll be offering interviews in your area. Additionally, you can request a phone or Skype interview by emailing us at

3. Creative Samples

You may submit samples of creative work (poetry, photography, art, music recordings, research, etc). Digital files may be uploaded through Beloit's online applicant portal after your Common Application has been processed in our office. If you choose to send physical media to the Office of Admissions, Attn: Creative Supplement. Please note: items cannot be returned.