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Wisconsin's oldest college, Beloit College has been admitting classes since 1846. Though the years (and centuries) pass, some things haven't changed. We continue to seek and enroll intellectually hungry, socially concerned, and distinctly determined students who are interested in a rigorous educational experience and a warm and welcoming environment in which to test and apply it.

Sound appealing? Students from nearly every state and more than 78 countries apply each year. We would like to see you among them. Begin now by selecting Beloit on one of our application options:

What to know:

We have different application deadlines and requirements for students, depending on their current status. Whether a first-year applicant, international student, or potential transfer, you'll find step by step instructions at the links below.

  • First-year applicants (usually, but not always, current high school seniors)
  • International students
  • Third Culture Kids
  • Transfer students (each term, Beloit carefully selects a number of highly qualified transfer students who are currently attending community college or other colleges and universities).

  • Beloit offers a Reapplication Process for students who have applied to Beloit within the last two admission cycles, but did not enroll. Most recommendations and supporting documents can be applied toward your new application. After your Reapplication Form is received, we will contact you about the remaining items needed to complete your file and notify you about our admission decision. Students who have already enrolled at Beloit College and are seeking readmission should not complete this form and instead contact the Dean of Students’ Office.

What else to know:

Still have questions about Beloit? View Fast Facts or contact us.

Once your application has been processed (usually 24-48 hours after the application was submitted), you will receive login information to CHECK YOUR APPLICATION STATUS ONLINE. This page allows you to monitor the supporting application materials as they are received by Beloit and see when your application file becomes complete for review.