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Liberal Arts in Practice

What is The Beloit Project?

The Beloit Project is a college-wide effort to put our commitment to the liberal arts in practice at the center of what we do here in an innovative, distinctive, and potentially game-changing way. The president and the board of trustees are fully committed to this effort, and the president has called together a group of faculty, staff, and students whose shared project in the next two years will be to seek out and help develop new or existing ideas for doing so.

For more information, please visit the the Beloit Project site.

In a nutshell, our objectives are:

  1. To bring about significant structural change at Beloit, that
  2. Advances the liberal arts in practice, and
  3. Offers the prospect of distinctiveness in the marketplace of higher education.

By “the liberal arts in practice,” we mean:

  1. Cultivating in our students a disposition to regularly and meaningfully make connections across the many aspects of their Beloit education;
  2. Providing our students with opportunities to reflect on their experiences;
  3. Enabling our students to transfer what they have learned in one area across very different realms of experience.

“Significant structural change” is meant to be broadly construed and can include (for example) how we:

  1. Arrange ourselves organizationally
  2. Structure and manage time--from class periods to the academic year
  3. Collaborate within and beyond Beloit College
  4. Arrange and experience physical space--from residential life, to offices, to classrooms
  5. Use digital resources in ways that are mindful of our mission as a residential liberal arts campus in a changing technological landscape
  6. Design and practice our curriculum, co-curriculum, and programs
  7. Approach our teaching and learning styles and strategies
  8. Address broader cultural and demographic forces


Update, January 2016

The Beloit Project taskforce has prepared its final recommendations. Associate Dean and taskforce chair Matt Tedesco discussed the final recommendations with the college's Staff Council and Academic Senate this month, among others. The college's Board of Trustees will hear more at their Feb. 5 winter meeting.