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Strategic Financial Management

Two campus groups, the strategic financial management committee and the financial advisory committee, are taking a leadership role in thinking about the financial future of the college and fostering campus conversations.  The purpose of strategic financial management committee meetings is to understand the parameters that affect the financial future of the College, to review the impact of scenarios and parameters on upcoming college budgets, and to plan strategically for positive financial results using the 5-Year Financial Budget Model. Members of the committee include VP for Finance & Planning [position vacant] (chair), Robert Mirabile, Ann Davies, Daniel Schooff, Ruth Vater, CIO [position vacant]], Lori Rhead, Christina Klawitter, Beth Monteiro, John Winkelmann.

The financial advisory group is responsible for:

  1. being the consultative body of the faculty on general fund budget and resource use
  2. consulting and assisting upon the formation of policies and priorities for resource requests and allocations
  3. providing reports to the academic senate on at least an annual basis.

Members of the budget advisory group 2015-16 included Bob Elder (Economics, co-chair), Laurie Stickelmaier (VP for Finance & Planning, co-chair), Lisl Walsh (Classics), Daniel Barolsky (ASP representative), Kate Linnenberg (FS&P representative), Ann Davies (Provost and Dean of the College), Christina Klawitter (Dean of Students), Beth Monteiro (VP of Development and Alumni Relations), Heather McLean, Lisa Viezbicke, and students Angie Early and Lucca Castrucci.

The budget advisory group expects to reconvene in 2016-17 after the new VP for Finance and Planning is hired.