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SEM Plan Development Committee Membership

  1. Robert Mirabile, Vice President for Enrollment
  2. Ruth Vater, Director of Strategic Research and Planning
  3. Kristin Bonnie, Associate Professor of Psychology, Academic Strategic Planning Committee
  4. Paul Campbell, Professor of Mathematics
  5. Daniel Brueckenhaus, Assistant Professor of History
  6. Laura Grube, Assistant Professor of Economics
  7. Nicole Truesdell, Senior Director of Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness
  8. Ann Davies, Provost and Dean of the College
  9. Helen Ouellette, Interim Vice President for Finance and Planning/Treasurer
  10. Christina Klawitter, Dean of Students
  11. Desiree’ Amboree, Current Student
  12. Stopher Bartol, Board of Trustees
  13. Jo Froman, Board of Trustees
  14. Oscar Cardona, Board of Trustees
  15. Tom O’Neill, Board of Trustees
  16. Rick Clayton, Board of Trustees