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Strategic Enrollment Management

General Principles and Key Metrics Approved

The Academic Senate and Board of Trustees each approved the general principles outlined in the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan executive summary and the goals identified in the key metrics document. Both groups also endorsed annual consultation to assess the key metrics and to consider adjustment to enrollment strategies based upon that assessment. These votes took place in April 2017 and May 2017, respectively. The SEM plan executive summary and key metrics are available to members of the campus community.

Planning Committee Charge

In February 2015, the college’s Board of Trustees endorsed a proposal to create a strategic enrollment management (SEM) committee.  The purpose of the committee is to lead the development, implementation, and ongoing assessment of an SEM plan at Beloit.  The SEM plan will serve as a guiding resource for:

  1. key indicators of enrollment health and related goals;
  2. Beloit’s current market position;
  3. which types of students are best served by a Beloit education;
  4. the expectations that enrolling students have for Beloit; and
  5. what student success looks like at Beloit.

In addition to creating a written, multi-year SEM plan, the committee’s work involves:

  1. educating and informing the college community about the purpose  and benefits of SEM;
  2. engaging the college community (individually, cross-office, and cross-constituency) in SEM planning and execution;
  3. helping to ensure that SEM related activities are being conducted in an organized, goal-oriented fashion across campus and over time; and
  4. tracking and reporting progress toward SEM efforts among key constituencies, including the Board of Trustees.