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Space Use

Charge to the Campus Plan Committee – 2017

Building on the Space-Use Report from 2011-2012, the new Campus Plan Committee will engage the Beloit College community in a process that will further refine and test key principles governing the physical spaces on campus; verify and/or reorder physical priorities; and provide guidance of how the college can best employ its physical resources over the next ten years to achieve its mission.

The Powerhouse, an exciting transformation of a decommissioned power plant to a student activity and recreation center, will change the way that all community members experience the campus. Its addition requires that we rethink the physical characteristics and uses of the entire campus.

The Campus Plan Committee will begin its work by creating a Request for Qualifications to hire a planning consultant to work with the campus community to develop a ten-year campus plan.

What will a successful campus plan look like? It will:

  • Promote and support the intersections of inclusive living and learning that take place throughout a residential liberal arts environment.
  • Express our institutional priorities through improving the ways in which people interact with the facilities and physical campus, as well as the near campus community, including vehicular, bike, and pedestrian transportation options.
  • Respect Beloit College’s historic character while establishing designs and standards that will meet the needs of 21st century students, faculty and staff in function, accessibility, technology and aesthetics – meeting today’s needs with flexibility to change as our needs evolve.
  • Be realistic about resources while being bold about creative opportunities.
  • Consider the importance not only of one-off capital projects, but the ongoing operating budget for physical plant.
  • Incorporate our deferred maintenance needs in the prioritization of projects.
  • Identify potential resource needs and targets of opportunity for continual improvement aligned with the college’s mission.

2017 Campus Planning Committee

  • Chair: Lori Rhead, VP for HR & Operations
  • TBD, Associate Dean of the College
  • Lindsay Chapman, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Jasmin Dickinson, Class of 2020
  • Katylyn Frew, Class of 2018
  • Tim Jones, Chief Communications & Integrated Marketing Officer
  • Pam McQuesten, Chief Information Officer
  • Catherine Orr, Professor of Critical Identity Studies
  • Mike Phillips, Director of Facilities Management
  • Matt Tedesco, Associate Dean of the College (SP17 only)
  • Willow Wallis, Class of 2018
  • George Williams, Professor of Art & Art History
  • John Winkelmann, Associate Dean of Students