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Priorities and Projects

Projects/Priorities - Beloit in Spring

Beloit College’s unique strength and spirit derives from the centrality of our mission statement and our students’ Statement of Culture to nearly all that we do. We are ambitious, but humble. We are, almost to a person, highly reflective and self aware, but also intensely interested in the people and the world that surrounds us.

What wonderful company we all keep.

Yet, there is more to do and achieve. More to create and come to know. More to do for ourselves, and each other. And so it is that we have set up this collection of web pages to chronicle our ambitions, detail our efforts, and very often—to request your input.   

This “College Priorities” site contains links to taskforce and team websites that document large-scale efforts underway to:

  • challenge our college and community to make Beloit the most effective, most inclusive, and safest institution it can be
  • enlarge and deepen our Liberal Arts in Practice paradigm
  • celebrate our inspirational history while embracing our role as a leader of the future of higher education
  • take advantage of new opportunities
  • achieve aspirational goals
  • and more.   

If you’re not a member of a team engaged in these efforts, we hope you’ll participate in their work whenever possible, including regularly educating yourself on the efforts underway by browsing these pages. The more engaged we all are in these efforts, the more successful we will be.

Thank you for all you do for our community and our college. It is a great day to be a Beloiter.


Scott Bierman
Beloit College President, Resident, Team member