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President Scott Bierman smiling at his inauguration.

Students for an Inclusive Campus Demands (2015)

(submitted in May, 2015)

Students for an Inclusive Campus (SIC)

Mission Statement

Students for an Inclusive Campus (SIC) is a movement created by people of color at Beloit College in response to the aggressive actions that have been committed on this campus. We aim to raise awareness of the effects that past and future actions have on the student community. We aim to provide a platform for student voices. And finally, we aim to foster campus-wide collaboration in creating a safe and inclusive environment for people with all identities.

Changes We Demand:

1. More programs for students of color aside from TRIO. Programs that include students who may not fit TRIO qualifications.

a. Bridge programs for students of color who don’t qualify for TRIO.

b. Create more opportunities, or make opportunities more accessible, for undocumented students who do not quality for SSS/Trio, Federal grants and loans, McNair, or event varsity sports, without a social security number.

c. Academic, networking, and community support for students of color.

d. Beginning of semester orientations where students of color can meet other students, faculty, and staff of colo

2. Craft a protocol for handling hate crimes, separate from the harassment procedure.

a. There needs to be a separate policy outlining steps of communication and action based on a zero tolerance stance on hate crimes resulting in perpetrators being dismissed.

b. Clear delineation, enhanced communication and greater awareness of policies, procedures and outcomes.

c. Non-consequential reporting system for students to disclose microaggressions, for monitoring incidents and tracking campus climate-- similar to the non-mandatory reporting of sexual assault.

3. Explicit attention to the recruitment and retention of POC (students, faculty and staff including security).

a. Dr. Patterson’s tenure status-- actually retain faculty of color.

b. Emphasis on recruiting community members as staff

c. More transparency about hiring efforts and potential obstacles encountered

d. Review the hiring practices of professors of color in the STEM fields.

4. Recurring diversity sensitivity training for faculty and staff to promote better inclusivity for students of color in classroom, office, and administrative spaces.

a. Department heads, senior staff, administrators need to participate in at least two semesters of the faculty/staff Sustained Dialogue group.

b. Critically using end-of-year evaluations and suggested reporting system to recommend/require participation in faculty/staff SD groups or other sensitivity training.

This is a compilation of information from members of Black Students United, Voces Latinas and members of SIC. This list is by no means exhaustive or reflective of all the suggestions and ideas generated by members of these groups.