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President Scott Bierman smiling at his inauguration.

Inclusive Excellence


What we will do

This document is intended to serve as a pathway for capturing continuing conversations that are occurring all over campus around how we take thoughtful, sustained action towards inclusive excellence. What follows are drafts of several broad commitments that need to be vetted, improved, supplemented, and given specifics through community input. We will only get to an agenda worthy of this college with your help. The more engagement, the better the resulting agenda. As a reminder, the 2012 Report of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, and work of earlier groups, provide orientation and aspiration.

To better achieve “an institution in which learning about social identity and intercultural competency is ordinary [and] safe, and pervasive action around these topics is expected,” (2012 Report, p. 2) we will:

1. Develop a Center for Inclusive Excellence. 

  • The development of such a Center should include full exploration of the potential for drawing together leadership of the Office of Intercultural Affairs, TRIO, and Sustained Dialogues; offer conceptual and physical space for strategy, programming and collaboration; and signal institutional commitment to our aspirations for intercultural engagement.
  • (submit your input)

2. Engage proactively in understanding in understanding and confronting institutional racism and other forms of power and privilege as they are experienced at Beloit.

  • Expansion of Sustained Dialogue, other training and development opportunities for faculty, staff, and students.
  • (submit your input)

3. Undertake a review of students’ perceptions of safety and implement new efforts to enhance safety.

4. Help community members understand how to intervene when they are bystanders or witnesses to racist acts or other acts that harass, discriminate, or are motivated by bias.

5. Design, implement, and share with the community communication protocols regarding racist and other bias motivated acts, their investigation, and mitigation.

6. Reevaluate our faculty and staff hiring and retention strategies at every step in the process to enhance our recruitment of candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

7. Commit to our governance structures and other deliberative bodies reflecting the composition of our community.

8. Systematize how we collect information about how our staff, students, and faculty experience their social identities on campus and use that information to inform our work toward inclusive excellence and publicly gauge progress.

9. Capture and make public the history of race and racism at Beloit in ways that educate.

10. Keep the lived experiences of students, faculty, and staff related to issues of race and other forms of difference at the center of our focus.

This is an unfinished document. Your input will improve it and bring specificity to it. Please set aside time to submit your input. In an effort to elicit direct and honest input, your name will not be recorded or reported along with your comments.