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New Powerhouse Renderings

March 7, 2018
By Powerhouse Team

Over the next month, prepare to see new images of the Powerhouse from our partners Studio Gang Architects as the former coal-burning powerplant begins to transform into a student recreation center and athletics facility.

“Can you picture it? Students sitting on the steps reading a few chapters before class and enjoying their lunch with friends on the soft furniture during the day. At night, it transforms into a space filled with activities, club meetings, late-night coffee and Netflix binges. A truly magnificent space for students, unmatched by any we currently have.”
— Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Jen Walsh

Powerhouse Aerial Render, Feburary 2018

The Powerhouse will feature a 10,000-square-foot fitness center and 17,000-square-foot recreational gym as well as spaces for collaboration and conversation. 

“The Powerhouse will be a building that embodies the Beloit spirit, a place where students can do anything and do it all. From studying with friends to going for a swim, from attending a panel discussion to running a club meeting, the Powerhouse will be a home for mental, physical, and social wellness on campus. This building will provide amazing spaces for Beloiters to do what we do best: be involved.”
— Joe Peacock’17

Powerhouse Dusk Render, Feburary 2018

"The pool is exciting, not only for the swimming and diving programs, but also for the campus and community. The Powerhouse will provide the student body with even more opportunities in support of their goals in athletics and academics. With the addition of both a one meter and three meter diving board and more training lanes - the new pool will definitely enhance the swimming and diving programs; it will affect everything from practice set up, roster sizes, to the way the campus and community use it."
- Head Swimming and Diving Coach Kevin Schober

Powerhouse, Pool Rendering, February 2018

"I can see myself in this space.  The fluidity of the Powerhouse is what I find most exciting.  In this one corner of the building I see students studying, socializing, getting coffee from the stand under the stairs, coming in from the riverwalk, and viewing activities in the pool.  If this is all happening in one little nook, the building as a whole stands to be an incredibly vibrant, active, and appealing space for just about everyone."
- Quin Brunner'21

Powerhouse Turbine Hall Render, Feburary 2018 

The Powerhouse is slated to open in fall 2019.

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