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Gender-Inclusive Restrooms and Changing Spaces

December 4, 2017
By Powerhouse Team

From the start, we have been committed to making the Powerhouse fully accessible.  This post highlights one dimension of that multi-dimensional commitment: gender accessibility.  

Bathrooms. Where you shower. Where you change.  These private moments are not equally easy for everyone to navigate.  But shouldn't they be?  Individuals who don't identify binarily as man or woman; parents who need to share space with their young kids; faculty and students who don't want to change in the presence of one another -- shouldn't they all feel like they can use our locker rooms, showers, and clothes-changing spaces?  

With the help of our architectural partners, Studio Gang Architects and Hastings+Chivetta, we've designed cabana style locker rooms where privacy is maximized and discomfort and awkwardness is minimized. Hastings+Chivetta is an industry leader in navigating these types of accessibility questions in recreation centers; their work was highlighted in a recent issue of Athletic Business.

Individualized. Private. Accessible. Check out the highlighted areas in these plans for details.

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