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*Department Chair

Obioma Ohia (2018), Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

B.A., Iowa State University, Ph.D.,Massachusetts Institute of Technology

With an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and a graduate degree in physics, Obioma Ohia's research areas have included plasma physics and computational work; most recently in a postdoctoral position at Los Alamos National Labs. Professor Ohia worked as a graduate student with the Technology Enhanced Active Learning introductory classes, developing a strong interest in STEM education and a commitment to active learning methodology, as well as a desire to investigate the field of physics education research.

J. Patrick Polley (1990), Professor of Physics and Astronomy

B.A., St. Joseph's College; Ph.D., University of Florida

Research interests include holographic testing of mechanical structures, magnetic properties of materials, classical archaeology and modern (19th and 20th century) military history. Patrick has worked with the College Board and the Educational Testing Service since 1987 on developing and grading the Advanced Placement Physics Exam, as well as training several hundred high-school AP Physics teachers.

Britt R. Scharringhausen* (2006), Associate Professor and Department Chair of Physics and Astronomy

B.S., University of Iowa; M.S., Ph.D., Cornell University

Britt Scharringhausen teaches both physics and astronomy, including introductory courses and advanced courses for physics majors and students with a particular interest in astronomy. Her research focus is the vertical structure of the F ring of Saturn. Together with Beloit students, she has designed and analyzed observations of Saturn's rings by the Cassini spacecraft, which currently orbits Saturn.

Paul E. Stanley (2002), Professor of Physics and holder of the Dobson Endowed Professorship in Physics

B.S., Iowa State University; M.S., Ph.D., Oregon State University

Paul Stanley's research involves classical and quantum chaos, and varies between highly theoretical, heavily computational, and playfully experimental. A former Peace Corps volunteer, he has traveled extensively and can communicate in a number of languages, including Fijian and Gilbertese. In his spare time, he plays the trumpet semi-professionally and writes undergraduate physics textbooks. In addition to his work teaching physics and rebuilding the department's 0.5 Million electron-volt accelerator, he is active in the training programs in the USA, Latvia, and Thailand, for high school student competitors to the International Physics Olympiad; he served as Academic Director for the US team from 2008-2018.

Rongping Deng, Instrumentation Specialist

Rongping holds a Ph.D. in physics. He is the instrumentation support to the teaching and research done in the Science Division at Beloit College. Rongping also teaches courses in scientific instrumentation. 

Steve Ballou, Radiation Safety Officer

Steve is responsible for maintaining records and doing regular tests on the radioactive materials owned by the department for experimental purposes.