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Off-Campus Study

Off-Campus Studies in Physics and Astronomy

Many physics majors and minors spend significant time abroad or in off-campus programs.  In recent years, students have spent semesters in Australia, Austria, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, and Russia, as well as in the Oak Ridge Science Semester and the Chicago Urban Development program. 

Physics majors who study off campus can focus on physics; for previous students, this has included special work on photonics, geophysics, materials science, and environmental physics. Students have also taken advantage of the cultural opportunities of an international study abroad opportunity to further language studies or to investigate non-physics areas of interest.

The department has sponsored a number of trips to regional, national, and international destinations for either research or conference presentations. Some of the trips are listed below.

  • New Orleans (Spring 2013, 2 students for five days)
    Poster presentation at the Winter 2013 AAPT meeting
  • Singapore (Spring 2012, 1 student for five days)
    Paper presentation at FDTT2012 conference
  • Baltimore (Fall 2011, 1 student for three days)
    Paper presentation at APS-DFD conference
  • Pasadena, DPS Meeting (2010, 2 students)
  • Puerto Rico, Arecibo Observatory, DPS meeting (2009)
  • Ithaca New York, DPS meeting (2008)
  • Hawai'i (Fall 2006, 1 students for four days)
    Student was sponsored to attend the Acoustical Society meeting in Honolulu.
  • Japan (Spring 2006, 3 students for ten days)
    Visited atomic blast sites and museums in Hirsoshima and Nagasaki; also spent a day at the Super Kamiokande neutrino detector.
  • Anchorage (Winter 2006, 3 students for a long weekend)
    Poster presentation at the Winter 2006 AAPT meeting. The trip was funded by generous grants from the McNair Scholars Program and Beloit College.
  • Russia and the Czech Republic (Fall 2005, 2 students for eleven days)
    Visited historical sites in St. Petersburg and Prague, as well as following the steps of Einstein.  The trip was funded by generous grants from Global Partners and Beloit College.
  • Hong Kong and China (Summer 2005, 5 students for four weeks)
    Research conducted throughout China on a variety of topics.  Destinations included Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Yangshuo, Kunming, Chengdu, and Shanghai.  The trip was funded by generous grants from AsiaNETWORK and the Freeman Foundation.
  • Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado (Spring 2005, 4 students for one week)
    Presented at March 2005 APS meeting, then traveled to Los Alamos in New Mexico and the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado.
  • Seattle, Denmark, and Germany (Fall 2004, 1 student for one week)
    Attended conference for Fluid Dynamic division of APS, and then traveled to the Niels Bohr Institute, Universitat Magdeburg, and Berlin.  The trip was funded by generous grants from the McNair Scholars Program, the Sanger Scholars Program, and Beloit College.