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Meeting Mathematics/Statistics/Logic Requirement

Student Symposium

Student Symposium will take place on Thursday, April 19. The Student Symposium schedule is available online.

To meet the mathematics, logic and statistics requirement for election to PBK, the course must show up on your Beloit College transcript. The following is a list of approved courses that meet the requirement as long as you take at least 1 unit from the list:

  • ANTH 240
  • BIOL 247
  • ECON 251
  • MATH 104-116, 118-269 and/or 271-379
  • PHIL 100
  • PHYS 206 & 270
  • PSYC 150 & 162
  • SOCI 305

A range of courses indicates that all courses within that range meet the requirement.  For example, MATH 104 through 116 meet the requirement but MATH 117 does not.

It is impossible to list all courses that come from elsewhere (transfer, study abroad, off-campus study) that might meet this requirement.  If it meets the requirement after review by the officers then it will be allowed.  Note that the course must be worth more than 0.5 unit to count for this requirement.  If you have any questions, please contact the chapter president.