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Meeting Non-Native Language Requirement

To meet the non-native language requirement for election to PBK, you must have completed successful high school or college study equivalent to an intermediate college-level course. The following is a list of approved courses that meet the requirement as long as you take at least 1 unit from the list:

  • ARAB 110A-225A
  • CHIN 110-230 and/or 110A-225A
  • FREN 110-360
  • GERM 110-249 and/or 251-305
  • GREK 200-390
  • JAPN 110-230 and/or 110A-225A
  • LATN 200-390
  • RUSS 110-220, 310-360 and/or 110A-315A
  • SPAN 110-240 and/or 275-370

A range of courses indicates that all courses within that range meet the requirement.  For example, SPAN 110 through 240 meet the requirement but SPAN 241 (and through SPAN 274) does not.  If the course number is followed by an "A" then it is a CLS course.

It is impossible to list all courses that come from elsewhere (transfer, study abroad, off-campus study) that might meet this requirement.  If it meets the requirement after review by the officers then it will be allowed.

If your native language (one you spoke/studied) is other than English, then we consider your study and knowledge of English by being at Beloit College to be sufficient to count as at least an intermediate college-level study of a non-native language.  Normally this is easily determined from your college record that indicates your home country.  If there is any question we try to contact you.  You can also contact the chapter president if you think it will not be clear. 

It is also possible you have "completed successful high school or college study equivalent to an intermediate college-level course" but it does not show up on your transcript.  In this case, you should contact the appropriate member of the faculty (one that teaches in the language of interest) to meet with them.  During that meeting the faculty member will have you demonstrate a sufficient proficiency to meet the requirement.  The faculty member should send a report (passing or not) to the chapter president. Note it is the student's responsibility to complete this process if the item does not appear on their transcript.  You may do this at any time at Beloit College before you are considered for election to PBK.  As a courtesy, the chapter often notifies a student who meets the other requirements but not the language requirement during the selection process.  However, you should not depend on this happening (we may miss something) and the time you will have to get certified will be limited at that point.  Thus, if you think you meet the other criteria (or will), you are encouraged to get certified earlier.

If you have any questions, then please contact the chapter president.