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Here are some common questions and answers. If you do not find the information you need, please contact a chapter officer for further information.

Q: What is Phi Beta Kappa?

A: Phi Beta Kappa is a long-standing, national society supporting the liberal arts and sciences. The national society is the umbrella organization supporting the chapters at colleges and universities around the United States. An important part of the work of the PBK chapter of Beloit College is electing new members who represent excellence in the criteria of the organization. PBK is known by many people.  It is an honor that members normally list on their resume/CV.  Feel free to ask any member, your advisor, or a chapter officer about the organization.

Q: Why was I not elected to PBK?

A: Beta of Wisconsin, the PBK chapter of Beloit College, recognizes excellence in ways that are aligned with the national stipulations. As such, we do not recognize all aspects of excellence as a Beloit college student. While being elected to PBK is a distinct honor, not being elected does not indicate you did not do outstanding work in other ways. There are many other recognitions bestowed on Beloit college students in recognition of different types of outstanding work. You are welcome to review our criteria for selecting new members. If you feel you should have been elected but were not you may contact the chapter president.

Q: Why is there a fee to join?

A: PBK is a nonprofit organization. Monies collected are used to support its mission of furthering the liberal arts and sciences. These include the support of its members, supporting speakers and other intellectual endeavors at local chapters, and supporting advocacy in these areas. Your membership fee is a one time contribution toward these activities. Note that PBK accepts contributions to further its mission if you wish to do so now or in the future. If you were elected but cannot afford the membership fee you should have received information about financial help. If you have any further questions please contact the chapter secretary.

Q: What will I do as a member of PBK?

A: If you wish you can become active in a local chapter or the national activities. If you are elected as a junior, you automatically become a member of our chapter for your senior year. As such, you have full rights including any chapter votes. While we encourage you to be involved in visiting scholars and other chapter pursuits, you take these on as you feel are appropriate.

Q: Must I accept membership?

A: If you do not wish to be a member you may decline our invitation. You are encouraged to discuss PBK with chapter members, your advisor, other students and/or chapter officers in making such a decision. The decision to decline membership cannot be reversed.