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Phi Beta Kappa

Beloit College is home of the Beta of Wisconsin chapter.

  • Phi Beta Kappa is a national Honor Society recognizing excellence in a liberal arts education. Beta of Wisconsin was the eighty-first chapter of Phi Beta Kappa to be established on June 19, 1911. For over one hundred years we have supported the liberal arts at Beloit College and honored some of our most outstanding students.

    There are a number of sources for information on PBK’s history. The national organization has a brief history. Other informative pages include Penn State PBK history page and the Wikipedia article on PBK.

  • Election to this old and honorable academic society is in recognition of one’s scholarly success, breadth of studies and good character. Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is a distinct honor. You will become one of over 500,000 members who compose a national network of successful individuals in nearly every career field.

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