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Pathway to Excellence

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What is Pathway to Excellence?

A dynamic new online program for credit that combines English proficiency with academic and social knowledge crucial for maximum success in US-universities. Courses are delivered by highly-ranked Beloit College, established in 1846, in partnership with the accredited Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI), established in 1981.

Why should I take these courses?

Our program combines the top-notch academics of Beloit College with the English language learning of a traditional ESL pathway, AND we offer university credit! 

Success in a U.S. university requires strong reading, writing, and speaking skills. Adjusting to living and studying in the U.S. requires advanced knowledge about a different teaching style, expectations of you, and U.S. society. With Pathway to Excellence, you get both! 

This program will set you apart in your U.S. university applications by sharpening your English skills, gaining valuable university experience and credit, and preparing you for success and confidence in the U.S. university setting. You receive transferable credits and an invaluable edge in your knowledge and skills.

How do I apply?

High school students outside of the United States planning to study at a U.S. university are encouraged to apply.

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