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Alumni Testimonials

Joe DavisJoe Davis - class of 2010

Play-by-play broadcaster for ESPN

“Right from the start people (at Beloit) were there to help. They did whatever they could to make sure I had opportunities, and it helped me get to a good start as soon as I graduated."

What else to know: Davis also was a broadcaster for the Montgomery (Ala.) Biscuits and won the Southern League's broadcaster of the year award in 2010. Read more.            

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Mike DevineMike Devine - class of 2010

Member of the USA Gymnastics Team
preparing to compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics

“You can really pursue anything you want from Beloit College. As long as you’re organized and passionate, you can do a lot of great things there.”

What else to know: Besides training for the Olympics, Devine will also be attending medical school this fall. Read more.            

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Patrick DigginsPatrick Diggins - class of 2005

Langan Engineering in New York, N.Y.

“Critical thinking and being open to exploration and challenging yourself and others: I think that’s Beloit’s primary teaching. Beloit offers you the opportunity to expand your mind and see the world in a new way − and also to just have a great time.”

What else to know: Diggins went on to earn his master’s of science degree in hydrogeology from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst where he was also a research assistant. Previously, he worked as a geologist for Environmental Resources Management, a multinational corporation focused on environmental health and safety. Read more.

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Eddie FergusEddie Fergus, class of 1996

Deputy Director
Metropolitan Center for Urban Education at New York University

“Beloit was a learning space on multiple levels for me. Cognitively, I was able to explore different things I was interested in, and, socially, it really stretched me in terms of how diversity was being explored here. By the time I got to grad school at a bigger university, I didn’t feel as compelled to work on that social struggle that was going on because I had resolved it (at Beloit.)”

What else to know: Fergus, who is the first McNair scholar to earn a Ph.D., has devoted his career to the exploration of diversity issues. That passion started here at Beloit where he was a student activist and a key member of Black Students United. He has gone on to research and publish numerous articles and books on the topics of race, class, and gender. He most recently co-edited Invisible No More: Understanding the Disenfranchisement of Latino Men and Boys. Read more.

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Mia ForemanMia Foreman, class of 2000

Policy Analyst
Population Reference Bureau in Washington, D.C.

“I get to do a lot of cool things. While my job is mostly a desk job, when I do get to go to the field, or when I do see a policy change in a foreign country to support family planning, those are the times I feel so, so lucky. Beloit definitely provides you the keys to go out and do what you want to do. I still question every day, is this what I want to do? And that, I think, comes from Beloit.”

What else to know: Among Foreman’s interests is playing in an all-women's drum corps in the nation's capital. Previously, she assisted non-governmental organizations that provide family planning services in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia through her job with ICF Macro, a private company that contracts with USAID. She earned a master’s degree in public health and international health and development from Tulane University after graduation. Read more.

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Alison Fry (Alt)Alison Fry, class of 1987

Medical Director
Take Care Health Systems in Phoenix

“I think very positively of my education at Beloit. It really gave me a lot of the necessary tools in terms of language and writing and dealing with people from other places, and that’s helped me as a physician throughout my career.”

What else to know: After Beloit, Fry worked at a refugee camp in Honduras. She went on to attend Rush Medical School in Chicago. In 2012, she was awarded the Distinguished Service Citation, Beloit College’s highest honor.

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Christina GorczynskiChristina Gorczynski, class of 2002

Executive Director
League of Women Voters in Houston

“My experiences at Beloit College prepared me to be a confident citizen of the world. From international travel to my graduate JD/MBA program to community leadership, my Beloit College education prepared me to succeed in all of my subsequent adventures.”

What else to know: Gorczynski was awarded the Beloit College Young Alumni Award in 2012.

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Tom HursterTom Hurster, class of 1974

Psychotherapist and Supervisor of Child and Family Services
Benchmark School in Pennsylvania

"I went to Beloit being just a dilettante, a floundering high school kid who thought he wanted to be a preacher or a rock’n’roll musician, and came out realizing I had the capacity to be an intellectual, that I wanted to pursue a career. That’s because Beloit made me believe in myself as a thinker, as a writer, that I had something to offer.”

What else to know: Hurster has worked since the early ‘80s at Benchmark School − a small, private school for children ages 6 to 14, many with learning disorders. He also maintains a private psychotherapy practice with a mix of children, adults, teenagers, and therapy groups, and serves as an adjunct professor of social work at Bryn Mawr, where he completed a master’s degree in social work in 1980. Read more.

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Jeffrey JensenJeffrey W. Jensen, class of 1982

Criminal Defense Lawyer
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“To the extent that it might be said that I think like a successful lawyer, it is due almost wholly to the liberal arts education I received at Beloit College. My liberal arts education developed in me an ability to rationally and critically assess a problem; and also the general knowledge and intellectual diversity necessary to develop a unique solution to the problem.”

What else to know: Jensen is a criminal defense attorney with over 25 years experience defending some of the most high-profile criminal cases in southeastern Wisconsin. He handles cases at both the trial court level and on appeal. He publishes The Jensen Defense, a website dedicated to news, developments, and resources for Wisconsin criminal defense. Read more.

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Stacy Kern-ScheererStacy Kern-Scheerer, class of 2000

Assistant Counsel
U.S. Senate Office of the Legislative Counsel in Washington, D.C.

“A Beloit College liberal arts education emphasizes listening to and understanding different viewpoints, clearly articulating ideas, and excellence in writing. These are skills I use every day in my work.”

What else to know: Kern-Scheerer’s job is to write legislation for senators. Her position is nonpartisan; she does not work for any particular senator or party. When she’s not working, Kern-Scheerer likes to go to the ballet and travel to foreign countries with her fellow Beloiter husband. Read more.

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Michael LenthamMichael Lethem, class of 2011

Editor-in-Chief, English Communications Officer, and Researcher
Ibn Khaldun Center for Democracy Studies in Cairo, Egypt

“Beloit connected me with a number of professors who are not only experts in their respective fields, but also expert educators who were able to really help me develop my ideas and passions.”

What else to know: The Oregon, Wis., native first traveled to Egypt eight years ago on a family vacation. He was inspired to get involved in the region by his uncle who is a prominent Egyptian Civil Rights activist. The Egyptian NGO he works for has been promoting civil society and democratization in Egypt and the Arab world for 30 years. It has 15 years of election monitoring experience and is currently coordinating the largest election monitoring effort in Egypt. Check out Lethem’s blog and read more about him here.

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Tom McHaleTom McHale, class of 2007

Project Coordinator
John Snow, Inc. in Boston, Mass., a public health research and consulting firm 

“At Beloit College, I received an education that taught me to confront challenges in a changing world.”

What else to know: A human rights advocate, McHale went on to graduate from Harvard with his master’s degree in Global Health and Population where he researched and promoted awareness on violence against women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. McHale has also studied in the Republic of Georgia and Kenya and learned Swahili. Read more.

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Will RWilliam Reinhart, class of 1990

Lieutenant Colonel
U.S. Marine Corps

“The thing that impacted me the most at Beloit was the exposure to people from so many different backgrounds with different views and different beliefs. The way the classes were structured into small groups gave me the opportunity to hear a lot of good and bad arguments over problems and issues big and small. That helped me become a good listener, which is the one skill I find myself using more than any other these days.”

What else to know: A 21-year-veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Reinhart is among a select few Beloit alumni who have built distinguished careers in the military. He returned to Beloit in 2009 to address student members of the Model U.N. Club. Read more.

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Tara SanderTara Sander, class of 1994

Associate Professor
Medical College of Wisconsin

Scientific Director of Molecular Diagnostics
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

“Beloit provided me with a great education, which gave the science foundation necessary for me to get into graduate school. But more importantly, Beloit fostered an environment that forced me to think, analyze, and not merely memorize the material. Small class sizes and a high professor-to-student ratio were a major contributor to everyone knowing your name and never “slipping through the cracks”. And when I needed guidance, encouragement, and support, there were a few key mentors that believed in me and made all the difference toward ensuring that I continued to move forward and achieve my goals—even in the midst of failures.”

What else to know: Sander was featured as one of the 40 under 40 business professionals in 2012 by The Business Journal of Milwaukee. Read more.

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Arthur ThextonArthur Thexton, class of 1972

Prosecuting Attorney
Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing

“I love Beloit, and I think there is no more important thing you can do for yourself than give yourself a liberal arts education. Beloit gave me several gifts. Two were (now retired Sociology Professor) Don Summers and (Economics Professor) Jerry Gustafson. Another was a safe place to transition between being an adolescent and an adult. Another gift was to challenge my intellectual growth.”

What else to know: Thexton, who went on to earn a master’s degree in religious studies, is also a Unitarian lay preacher. He also was awarded the Distinguished Service Citation, Beloit College’s highest honor, in 2012.

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Chelsey TubbsChelsey Tubbs, class of 2007

Fifth-Grade Reading Teacher
KIPP S.T.A.R College Preparatory Middle Charter School in Harlem

“I want to uplift my students because that’s what I always got from my professors at Beloit College. They took an interest in me and pushed me academically. Without that, I would have never succeeded.”

What else to know: Tubbs completed a two-year position with Teach for America; taught fifth grade at Harlem Children’s Zone, a revolutionary charter school system in the Harlem neighborhood of New York; earned her master’s degree in early childhood education; taught a graduate education course at Brooklyn College; and is pursuing additional graduate study at Columbia University in Education Leadership. Read more.

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J. Edson WayJ. Edson Way, class of 1968

Episcopal Priest
St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church Lubbock, Texas

"My Beloit College education prepared me for a career of service in contexts and locations I could never have imagined when I was a student. My education gave me the skills to seize opportunities and as a result I've had the most amazing life."

What else to know:  Way taught anthropology at Beloit from 1972-1985, founded the college’s museum studies program, and served as director of the Logan Museum of Anthropology from 1980-1985. He also was the director of the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe, N.M., and the cultural affairs officer of New Mexico.
Read more.

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