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Roxanna Sanchez-Avila
Roxanna Sanchez-Avila'15
Studio Art also Women's and Gender Studies
Printing and People Watching
Photography and Feminism
No Boring Students
Roxanna double majors in women’s and gender studies (now called critical identity studies) and studio art. For her senior art show she hopes to focus on the immigrant experience, including perspectives from
first and second generation immigrants, also undocumented students
Art and Art History Professor George Williams is her favorite professor, saying she has a strong connection to his art.

The Los Angeles native calls Printmaking, which involves combining photography with another medium, her favorite course and the bench outside the library her favorite place to enjoy the weather and people watch on campus.
Roxanna recently developed a photo collection called The Backbone of Beloit College featuring female food service employees and housekeepers. She calls getting to know these women and sharing their stories her proudest accomplishment.

Hear more about her experience: