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Isaac's Beloit

Isaac BWhere he’s from: Nigeria, then Chicago, Ill.

Major/minor: Economics and management/self-designed minor in geochemical science

How a business major became an environmentalist: Before, I wanted to go into investment banking because I simply wanted to make money. But now I want to work in the renewable energy field. It’s something of importance right now; it’s something we can’t overlook. Therefore, I look to think of ways that I can contribute to the world community by being able to pioneer technologies in the renewable energy field.

How he’s preparing at Beloit:  I’m self-designing a minor in geochemical science. I’m working on it with some advisors. The minor has a focus in chemistry and geology, but mainly environmental studies. I want to go into petroleum, whatever it may be energy-wise, so I felt that would be the best mix of courses to suit me to have the right background.

How Isaac knew Beloit was the right place to transfer to: I knew that it was a place I could be successful, a place I would meet people I could relate to. Even though I saw there were different types of people, different from me, I still felt that it was a place that I could come and be myself.

How transfer students come to feel at home (part one): Last spring, I had a First-Year Initiatives Seminar with six people who also came in during the spring semester. It was big on helping me transition here. Our professor was a very good support in getting us in tune with Beloit College.

Issac BHow he got connected with the wider community: Our FYI was called Cities in Transition, and Beloit was our city. I did a final project on a barbershop in town, Kim’s Barber Shop. I studied the history and how it’s been influential in that neighborhood. I interviewed people and focused on that establishment but also the whole area, on how black establishments have changed over time. I learned a lot quickly.

How transfer students come to feel at home (part two): People just invited me to clubs like Black Students United and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. I was nervous of course—“Who’s this new guy?”—but they were very accepting. They definitely embraced me.

How people come together at Beloit: Beloit talks about diversity a lot, and you see it in extracurricular clubs. A lot of different kinds of people come together. You get to know about a wealth of experiences just by interacting with them. People come from really different backgrounds, different beliefs. You learn from that, even if you just meet people who’re from towns with one stoplight. There’s more than meets the eye when you see a Beloit College student.