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James' Beloit

James LHometown: La Crescent, Minn.

Major/minor: Chemistry/Russian

Why Beloit had everything he wanted: I chose Beloit mainly to come and play basketball. That was my first criteria−I wanted to go somewhere where I could play. Another big thing was the sciences. The coach who recruited me, Kevin Braun, is a science professor. He’s my major advisor for chemistry. I took a class with him last year. He’s a tough teacher, but he’s good.

How he puts the sciences into practice: I worked last summer for Kerry Ingredients. Their headquarters is in Beloit. I got good industrial chemistry experience there, working in a lab. I’m going to do research this summer with Coach Kevin on capillary electrophoresis and maybe some biochem work.

His definition of a student-athlete: You look at all the student athletes we have on campus−and there’s a real wide variety of them−but, I guess it’s someone who’s successful in school and sports. That’d be my ideal definition. I know we don’t all fit that, but we do try.

On getting named to the Second Team on the Capital One Academic All-America Team: There are three teams of five players throughout the country who are selected to an academic All-American team−so 15 students, for men’s basketball. You need to be a starter or a key reserve for your team and have a good GPA. And you need to be nominated by your sports information director. The guy who nominated me from our school is Terry Owens, and that submits you to the system and you get voted on by coaches in your district and in the nation. It’s recognition for being a good student and also a good basketball player.

James LHis best moment on the basketball court hasn’t even happened yet: Every year since I got here we’ve fallen short of the goal that we’ve had, and that’s to get back into the Conference Tournament. We’ve been close, but I hope I could ask myself the same question next year and I’d have an answer and it’d be making the tournament.

Relationships with teammates breed success: We’re a pretty close-knit group of guys, and that makes everything we do a lot easier. We do a pretty good job being civil with each other, and that’s good because we honestly spend a lot of time together. We’re here over the whole winter break and all we have is each other, so we’re with each other every day. It’s a different dynamic and some people don’t understand it, but we all really appreciate it.

Expanding his horizons by becoming an RA: I worked with Amber Moreyra, the assistant director of residential life, the summer after my freshman year, and ever since then she was on my case about being an RA. She thinks I'm a good leader. I wanted to try something different−a different kind of job. I've been a Chemistry TA for most of my time here. The financial help that came with being an RA made me realize that it would be worth my time, and it turns out it has been.