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Our Beloit

Find out why we chose Beloit and what we did after we got here. Our Statement of Culture, unanimously approved by the Beloit Congress Student Body, is perhaps the clearest expression of life on our campus. 


We, the students of Beloit College are defined by our respect for our peers, this institution, and the surrounding Beloit Community.  

We claim our education and adhere to the highest standards of academic honesty. We take pride in the integrity of our ideas and opinions.  

We fulfill our responsibilities on and off campus by being prepared for and engaged in our learning. We are committed to the development of our abilities to critically engage every answer, authority, change and condition we confront.

We embrace accountability for our actions as adults and hold our peers accountable for theirs, regardless of the resultant praise or criticism.  

We trust in the integrity of an individual and we refrain from hastily prescribing judgment. We are informed individuals seeking positive change in a global context.  

We achieve strength in our supportive community and through our personal convictions. We are dedicated to pursuing what we believe is right.  

We accept and honor these common values and goals by celebrating the richness and diversity present in every person, humbled by the knowledge that this community is as gifted, flawed, and human as we are.

Last revised to unanimous approval on Feb. 10, 2014.