Beloit Action Plan: 2020

In the spring of 2020, we found ourselves living through a challenging time of radical uncertainty in the world. But Beloit was built to face challenges and take bold action.

As a college — and as a community — we are always adapting. We ask: What’s possible? What’s powerful? What produces an education that works—for our students and for the evolving world?

From its founding, Beloit was built to ask those questions, produce inspiring, pragmatic answers, and take action.

After a period of intensive reflection, in April 2020 we offered the Beloit Action Plan: five programs pointing a new way forward for our students, offering academic, social, and financial support systems that put our ideals to work in new ways.

  1. Mods

    We divided each term in the 2020-21 academic year into two Mods, each containing two courses.

    Instead of taking four courses at one time, students did intensive work in two subjects, with a visible horizon. Courses responded to evolving social and environmental factors, allowing students and faculty to pursue opportunities in a range of settings—in person, in the field, and on digital platforms. With more flexibility in their days, students were able to engage in other life-changing experiences, from internships to trips, service learning to group projects.

    The result: An energetic and focused experience — an academic calendar that met a need and fit the times.
  2. Advanced Mentoring Program

    At a critical moment, we introduced a comprehensive guidance and support system for students during their crucial first two years at Beloit.

    Our Advanced Mentoring Program — AMP — starts as soon as students have accepted Beloit’s offer of admission. Within 72 hours of making a deposit, they’re connected with a faculty advisor — a caring, connected mentor who welcomes them into the community, shares helpful resources, and walks them through the process of registering for their first classes. And AMP stays with them, offering specialized classes, personalized guidance, and an advisory group that serves as a community within the larger college community.

    The result: An intentional, inclusive introduction to the full Beloit experience — and a support system effective enough to become a permanent part of our curriculum.

  3. Career Channels

    We also introduced Career Channels, an ongoing program that welcomes students into a professional community, broadens their vision of the future, and makes tangible connections between campus and career.

    Inspired by our longstanding commitment to pragmatic education–and by our location along the channels of the Rock River — Channels is a kind of voluntary apprenticeship in a 21st-century field, from health and healing to business and entrepreneurship. Students gain access to resources that expand and deepen their interests — internships and field experiences, alumni mentors and faculty advisors, on-campus events and off-campus opportunities.

    The result: A relevant, real-world college experience — and graduates who are confident, focused, and employable.

  4. The Midwest Flagship Match

    We believe that a great education is an investment that keeps gaining value, keeps delivering on its promise, at every stage of your life. This is especially true at small colleges like Beloit, where every student is seen and heard, and nobody falls through the cracks. We think the time is right to demonstrate the value of a Beloit education with a bold commitment to affordability.

    The Midwest Flagship Match means that for prospective students who are residents of six Midwestern states — Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin — we’ll make sure that your cost to attend Beloit will match or beat the tuition at your state’s flagship campus.

    The result: Students can stay close to home, invest in a relationship-driven, community-minded, solutions-oriented community, and join a small college that makes a big impact.

  5. The Beloit Promise

    The economic downturn caused by COVID-19 affected everyone in the Beloit community. Many of our students’ families suffered job losses, or lost value in homes or investments.

    Our commitment was that no current student’s tuition would go up during the 2021-21 academic year. Beyond that basic promise, we announced a variety of other financial support programs for students in need.

    Additionally, we wanted students affected by the pandemic to have the opportunity to experience everything a Beloit education has to offer, especially activities beyond the classroom. So we gave students enrolled full-time during the 2020-21 school year the option to pursue a ninth and tenth semester tuition-free.

    The results: Students who saw their college investing in them. A community running on mutual support and understanding. And a strong, public affirmation of the value of a Beloit education.

The moment called for a college that makes sense, makes change, and makes a brighter future possible. We’re proud to be that college.

The world needs an education that works. That’s Beloit.

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