Beloit and the Liberal Arts

Beloit’s brand of the liberal arts produces graduates who are prepared for successful futures and meaningful lives. 

What is a liberal arts education? 

  • Assessing a problem from multiple angles.  And then solving it.
  • Learning to conduct research. And publishing your findings while still a student.
  • Finding evidence to make a compelling argument. And winning it.
  • Talking less, listening more to present ideas clearly and concisely.
  • Creating something — a mural, a band, a social contract, a start-up — that also helps the people around you.

These skills (and so many more) are foundational to a well-rounded, inquisitive, courageous, and entrepreneurial college student — the very definition of a Beloiter.

“We’re in the business of creating human potential,” President Eric Boynton says of Beloit’s approach. “We’re here to transform lives and prepare our students for their successful futures and meaningful careers.”

The liberal arts at Beloit College

Meaningful experiences

Beloit students record notes and data from a day of field study in their hydrogeology class. Beloit’s brand of liberal arts is about an education that is hands-on and pragmatic, but also penetrates the soul so its benefits last a lifetime.

It’s about taking a chemistry class you weren’t sure you’d be into and discovering how it connects to your grandma’s favorite recipes. It’s about talking to your sociology professor about turning a topic into your own research project — and presenting that project to your peers, mentors, and friends. It’s about trying out for a college theatre production on a whim, discovering your people in your fellow actors.

Real skills

Jalen Ponder'24 presents an early morning goal-setting session at Beloit & Beyond. It’s also about empathy. Ingenuity. Resilience. Getting your hands dirty. Asking questions. Making mistakes. Collaboration. Honing the skills that will make you a problem solver. A researcher. A teacher. A leader.

These are human skillsskills that challenge you to learn in every nook and cranny of Beloit College: in the classroom and on the field, over coffee-fueled study sessions and during dance rehearsal.

Flexibility to pursue your interests

Professors work closely with students designing and creating innovative costumes for the various ... At Beloit, we know that you’re passionate about more than one thing. Our curriculum allows you to sample subjects you’ve never explored before — from data ethics to international political economy to media studies to engineering.

Around a third of Beloiters end up double majoring, and many others have a minor or two (or three!). You will find unique intersections between your interests in creative writing and Japanese language, health and society and history. And the opportunities to explore them all — while you dive deeper into that thing that you decide is your thing.

Not just learning, but doing

The Beloit TV station, located in Beloit's downtown, installed new lighting, backdrops, set piece... Along the way, you will explore how to apply what you’ve learned. Regardless of the discipline, Beloit helps you connect the dots from reading a textbook to writing your own manuscript — and from what you master in the Beloit community to what you may tackle in the wider world.

Before you even step foot on campus — within 72 hours of committing to Beloit College, in fact — you are connected with an advisor who will guide you through your first two years of college. From there, you’ll find lab partners, roommates, work supervisors, sorority siblings, community members, and best friends who will challenge how you think about the world.

From the moment you arrive to long beyond your graduation, Career Works helps you navigate your pathway, from connecting with a Career Channel to pursuing an internship to learning how to tell your story, so that employers and graduate programs take notice.

At Beloit, we help you find the way, and be more prepared for whatever lies ahead. See for yourself by visiting or applying to Beloit.

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