Return and reflect.

Get Credit for Your Classes

In order to receive credit for the classes you took during your time off-campus, you must complete two steps:

 1) Fill out a program evaluation online. Evaluations will be used (with your permission) to aid  future students in finding and preparing for off-campus studies programs.

 2) Have your transcript sent to Josh Moore at the OIE for conversion into Beloit College credits.

Once you complete these steps, your off-campus studies credits will be added to your official transcript. If you studied abroad, the grades you received abroad will show up on your transcript, but they will not affect your GPA (unless they have Beloit College course codes, such as IDST Cities in Transition). If you studied off-campus domestically, your grades will be calculated into your GPA.


Seek Out Opportunities to Reflect, Share, and Integrate

As you return to campus, you probably feel like you are bursting to share, but it may be hard to find the appropriate time to unpack your thoughts to a captive audience.  Here is a list of ways that you can both deepen your own learning and, simultaneously, greatly enrich Beloit College by sharing your stories, experiences, thoughts, and ideas. 

Attend the Welcome Back Reception & Workshop

Start off the semester by mixing and mingling with other returnees and and doing some fun reflection exercises and discussion about your experience. 

Use your Experience for your Career Development

Study abroad can improve your career prospects, but it takes some effort on your part. 

  • Reflect on how you have changed and your new skills (one of the courses below will help with this part)
  • Put your skills and experience on your resumé
  • Get comfortable with discussing your experience in interviews

More tips here.

Enroll in IDST 201 Study Abroad Reflection & Integration

This course, taught by Betsy Brewer and Josh Moore, helps students to reflect upon their academic and intercultural experiences abroad and to integrate those experiences into their perspectives and endeavors. Some students will have studied abroad outside the U.S., while others will have come to the U.S. as international students. Collaborative work among students who have studied in different locales enables them to understand their individual experiences in a broader international context. Course participants examine the ways in which their study abroad has expanded their angles of vision as learners and actors, undertake a project to convey some of their learning to an audience outside the classroom, and take up topics they may not have explored yet in relation to their home and "second" host countries.

Become a Program Ambassador

Study Abroad Program Ambassadors are the lead spokespersons and advocates for the Beloit College study abroad programs in which they participated. This is a semester-long position, worth .25 credit. Ambassadors work with OIE staff to reflect on what they learned and why it matters, form connections to on-going and future studies and activities, and apply a critical lens to study abroad. By working toward the above goals, ambassadors learn to speak effectively about the value of study abroad to members of the campus community and to prospective students and their families.

Lead an Information Session

The OIE hosts student-led Off-Campus Study Information Sessions in the afternoons and evenings throughout the semester. The goal of these sessions is to bring returned and prospective students together in an informal setting to discuss off-campus studies. These sessions are opportunities for you to share your stories about your experience, help first- and second-year students imagine and plan for what they will do off-campus, and inspire the campus. You can share photos, make a presentation or film, or just show up and talk. An OIE staff member will be on hand to explain the basics of off-campus study at Beloit and field questions from students.

Enter the Off-Campus Studies Photo Contest

The Off-Campus Studies Photo Contest is held every fall in conjunction with the Off-Campus Studies Fair. The focus of this contest is very broad: any photos from an off-campus study experience are eligible, whether they are tied to academic work or personal travel. Submissions are limited to one photo per person, but students may participate in multiple years. Winning photos will be displayed at the OIE and used in promotional materials, and will be entered in the annual ACM Off-Campus Study Photo Contest in the spring. Previous entries can be viewed online on the OIE Facebook page and Beloit College Digital Collections.

Enroll in 2016 Photo Contest

Volunteer at the Off-Campus Studies Fair

Volunteer to share your time and experience helping fellow students who are thinking about studying off-campus. Staff your program’s table at the Off-Campus Studies Fair and answer general questions about choosing a program and what it was like to study off-campus.

Share Your Advice at Study Abroad Orientations (October, April)

Pass on your wisdom to the next out-going group of students heading to your host country or program. Be a resource about the local culture in particular, and about adjusting to a new environment in general. 

Present at the International Symposium  or in the spring Student Symposium

Held every November during International Education Week, the International Symposium provides a forum to share the academic, personal, and professional growth that you achieved during your off-campus study experience with the rest of campus. Presentations focus on intercultural and experiential learning, including examples of observation and reflection, field research, volunteering, and internships. Symposium presentations are developed with the help of an advisor and last approximately 20 minutes, with five minutes provided at the end for questions. However, it is also possible to prepare and give a poster session in lieu of a talk. You must be nominated by a faculty or staff member to participate.  Note:  It is also possible to discuss research undertaken during study abroad in the spring symposium.

Talk about Off-Campus Studies Opportunities at Admissions Events (Autumn Visit Days, Presidential Scholars Weekends, Senior Open House)

Share stories with prospective students and their parents about your off-campus experience and its impact on your education.