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Predeparture Checklist

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Please use the following checklist to ensure that you are fully prepared to participate in the program to which you have been approved.  Print this checklist.   

Confirming your Plans

[  ]    Return a signed copy of your Letter of Acceptance to the Office of International Education to secure your spot and verify your participation in off-campus study.

[  ]   Read and digitally sign in StudioAbroad:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Waiver and Release

[  ]    Complete the application for admission and/or paperwork required for your study abroad option.  All study abroad requires paperwork beyond the application for approval that you submitted to Beloit College.  Check the application deadline as early as possible. Where to get help:

  • Beloit Programs: Kathy Landon, OIE (
  • ISEP Programs: Josh Moore, OIE (
  • Direct Enrollment in a University: international office website of host university
  • Third Party Provider Program (ACM, CIEE, MSID, SIT, etc): website for the program usually has an "apply now" button. 

Academic Arrangements

[  ]   Pre-register at Beloit College for 3 units for your semester abroad during registration week (use the SAB code for your program).

[  ]    Calculate the credit value of the courses you plan to take abroad.  Click on the following links for conversion tables for Beloit College programs and direct enrollment as well as ISEP universities.  (Provider programs are on the US Semester Hour system, which translates 4 credits to 1 Beloit Unit.)  IMPORTANT: You must enroll in AT LEAST the equivalent of 3 Beloit units to maintain "full time" status.  This is necessary to be eligible for financial aid.

[  ]   Discuss with your academic advisor any courses that you wish to take abroad for your major or minor studies.  

[  ]    If you plan on conducting research involving interviews or surveys, you must complete a free training on research ethics and protecting human subjects.  You may need to have your project approved by the Beloit College Institutional Review Board (IRB) to assure that you are in compliance.  See the IRB website for more information. 

[  ]   If you have a physical, learning or other disability and require accommodation, please discuss your situation with the Learning Enrichment and Disabilities Office in the Dean of Students Office, as well as with your study abroad advisor at the OIE. Accommodations may be available at your host institution, and your confidentiality will be protected.  

Financial Arrangements

[  ]    Seek and apply for additional study abroad scholarships

[  ]     If you receive financial aid of any kind, please complete the Budget Worksheet and return it electronically to the financial aid office ( Once this has been received and reviewed and you have received an aid notification, please feel free to make an appointment with the financial aid office to discuss any questions you have about your aid package.

[  ]    Share financial information on study abroad with your parent(s) or guardian(s).

[  ]    Make plans for getting money abroad.   Will your ATM card work?  Will your credit card work?  Credit card fees and withdrawal fees? Can you open a bank account in your host country?

[  ]   Alert your bank(s) and credit card company(ies) that you will be living abroad and making withdrawals and purchases in other countries.   Make a list of countries you may be visiting while abroad to give to them.

[  ]   Make photocopies of your credit cards and ATM card (both sides), and keep separately from the original.

Travel Arrangements

[  ]    Obtain a valid passport.  See instructions for US citizens here. 

[  ]   Give photo copy of passport ID page to the OIE, and save two copies for yourself.  Leave one copy at home and carry a copy with you.  You can also scan a copy and email it to yourself to be able to access it online.

[  ]    Check your program dates (dates may have changed).

[  ]    Purchase your plane ticket.  STA Travel Airfare Deposit Program allows qualified applicants to book early, locking in a better price, for only $300, then pay the balance when your financial aid funds are transferred.  Call the STA program at 1-800-535-7172.

[  ]  Enter your flight itinerary on the StudioAbroad site once you have purchased your ticket.

[  ]    Obtain the necessary visa (permission from your host country's consulate to study there).  One quick reference tool for requirements is Perry Visa, but you are not obligated to purchase their services. Visa requirements vary from country to country.

[  ]    Register your travel with the US Department of State, which will alert your local embassy. Sign up for the State Department travel smart app. See instructions here.

[  ]    Make housing arrangements, if program does not set up for you.

[  ]    Make arrangements to get from the airport to the university/program, if it is not automatically provided by your program.

[  ]    Explore your options for cell phone service. Generally, there are four options, depending on your host country and your current cellular service provider: 1) purchase a cheap phone abroad and add credit as you go; 2) extend your current cellular service to include an international roaming plan (compare some service plans here); 3) turn your cellular service OFF while abroad and use wireless internet service to call via Skype or Google Phone, or; 4) leave your phone at home and rely on local land lines abroad.

Health & Safety

[  ]   Seek professional medical guidance on health concerns and immunization needs for the area in which you will be studying.   You may do this at the Beloit College Health Center and immunizations are available through the Rock County Health Clinic, located in the Eclipse Center, about 1 mile north of Beloit College.  Call (608) 364-2010 for an appointment    Information on your host country can be found at the Centers for Disease Control website.

[  ]   Submit proof of health insurance to the OIE.  Students are required to have valid health insurance with cover for emergency evacuation and repatriation (medical, natural disaster and political unrest).  (Students studying abroad as visiting students or exchange students, or whose programs do not provide health insurance valid internationally and with medical evacuation and repatriation, will be enrolled by the OIE in an iNext Comprehensive plan with a rider for Emergency Evacuation in case of political threat or natural disaster.  The charges will be included in the student's Beloit College bill.)

[  ]   Print and complete the Health History Self-Disclosure document and submit a hard copy to the OIE (included on StudioAbroad).  

[  ]   Complete the Emergency Contact Information questionnaire in StudioAbroad.

[  ]    Prepare for safety and security abroad by visiting the Health and Safety page and by reading Responsible Study Abroad: Good Practices for Health and Safety, and Beloit College's tips on preparing for, avoiding and managing incidents.

[  ]   Check resources on Diversity & Identity Abroad for any particular considerations for your own personal safety in your host country. 

[  ]   Visit US State Department’s advice page for study abroad.


Preparation For Living in your Host Country

[  ]    Purchase a guide book and other materials available in or through the Beloit College bookstore.

[  ]    Continue to read and research about your host country and culture.

[  ]    Plan ways to document and reflect upon your experience in a structured and fruitful way.

[  ]    Plan projects that could be funded through grants during the semester or after your program concludes.