Enhancement Grant Winners

Study Abroad Enhancement Grant Awards, Spring 2010


Kevin Axe’11 – “Cartographic Changes: Developmental Patterns in Historical Maps of Central Germany” (Germany)

Briana Berkowitz’11 – “Islandness: A Study of Martinique and Dominica” (Martinique)

Michelle Donohue’11 – “From Wonderland to Hogwarts: Exploring Why the UK is Home to Such a Large Proportion of Children's Fantasy Novels” (UK, Ireland)

Alexandra Finn’11 – “Religion in Education” (Japan)

Jennifer Gilbertson'12 -- "The Re-emergence of Non-Traditional Medicine in Martinique" (Martinique)

Elizabeth Horen’11 – “Aquarium Trip with the Children of Masigcine” (South Africa)

Matthew Pitz’11 – “Meeting with Atomic Bomb Survivor” (Japan)

Corey Shircliff’11 – “Geology of the South Island: A Kiwi's Perspective” (New Zealand)