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Summer 2012

Claire Alrich'13 (Dance & English Rhetoric major), "The art of communication: an exploration of the communicative power of art in Buenos Aires," Argentina

International Project Grant Winners, Winter 2011/12

Joanna Albertson-Grove’13 (political science) is studying abroad in Budapest, Hungary in fall 2011 and will remain there over winter break to condudt research on the human rights implications of parliamentary elections in Hungary and to make comparisons with the 2010 United States election.

Jamie Eversage’12 (psychology) studied abroad in New Zealand in spring 2011 and will return to undertake a comparative study on Green Living: Environmentalism in America and New Zealand. She will study recycling and eco-labeling, as well as conduct interviews with environmental activists in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jennifer Gilbertson’12 (chemistry & French) will travel to Senegal to study pre-natal and maternal health by observing a mid-wife and participating in public health activities in a rural community.

Ted Liu’13 (anthropology and economics & management) will follow up on his study of New York’s Chinatown with a study of consumption behavior in Chinese grocery stores in San Francisco. He will set out to answer the question: which dimension of factors, economic or cultural, plays a more important role in propelling people to determine people’s purchasing choices?

Sofia Noorani’12 (economics & management) will return to Thailand, where she studied abroad in spring 2011, to work with local organizations to disseminate information about the environmental and health effects of copper mining in the impoverished Isaan region.

International Project Grant Winners, Summer 2011

Tamir Abdel-Wahab’13 (international relations), “Studying Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan, China.” (Asian Studies Grant). Tamir and Kun Zhang will investigate the overlapping identities of ethnic minorities in Kunming.

Maggie Brandt’12 (international relations), “32 Years Later: Contemporary Problems of Democracy in Central America,” Nicaragua and Honduras (Weissberg & International Education Grants). Maggie will participate in a delegation to political parties and institutions in Nicaragua and Honduras in the lead-up to elections.

Hannah Brusewitz’14 (EDYS, history), “’No sé si me entendés’: Bilingual Education and Language Policy in South America,” Bolivia (International Education Grant). Hannah will study the presence of ethnic languages in educational materials in Bolivia.

Grace Chamberlain’12 (art history, anthropology), “Public Art with Youth of Dharavi: Internship with URBZ,” Mumbai, India (Asian Studies, International Education Grant). Grace will facilitate mural and found object artwork with youth of India’s most notorious urban slum.

Miranda Cole’13 (anthropology, EDYS), “English versus Kiswahili in the Tanzania Hip-Hop Music Scene: What is the significance and how does it alter the message?” Dar Es Salam, Tanzania (Weissberg, International Education Grant). Miranda will study the effectiveness of local languages in social messaging in popular hip hop in Tanzania.

Amani Edwards’13 (modern languages), “Language Policy and its Affect On Aboriginal Taiwanese Culture and Heritage,” Taipei, Taiwan (Asian Studies Grant). Amani will build on prior research on language policy in China to investigate the status of minorities in Taiwan.

Dingxi Fang’14 (environmental biology), “Human Rights Watch: Dongjen Center for Human Rights Education and Action,” Beijing, China (Asian Studies Grant). Dingxi will work with the Dongjen Center to assist with public education on HIV advocacy.

Camilla Jackson’14 (undeclared), “The exploration of transitional justice and post-conflict peace building in the Balkans: a Case Study of Bosnia,” Bosnia (International Education Grant). Camilla will participate in Global Youth Connect’s program, bringing US American youth together with youth from Balkan countries emerging from war.

Joseph Klein’13 (anthropology), “Enrolling at the South East Asian Studies Summer Institute,” Madison, Wisconsin, USA (Asian Studies Grant). Joseph will study Indonesian language in order to further his research and activism on the plight of orangutans in Indonesia.

Michelle Koenig’13 (environmental studies), “Conservation with FACE Nepal,” Katmandu, Nepal. Michelle will work with tree nurseries on conservation projects in Nepal.

Ted Liu’13, (anthropology, economics & management) “Immigration Detention, Human Rights, and Public Policy: An Internship at National Immigrant Justice Center,” Chicago, USA (Weissberg & International Education Grants). Ted will provide language and cultural interpretation to assist social workers in serving Chinese children who have been trafficked or whose parents have been detained.

Mashail Malik’12 (economics & management, philosophy) "Religious Minority Rights in Pakistan: An Exploration of Socio-Economic and Political Dimensions," Pakistan (Weissberg Grant). Mashail will research the rights of religious minorities in her home country of Pakistan.

Megan Mason’12 (geology), “Basalt Dykes Found in Castle Hill, NZ,” Christchurch, New Zealand (International Education Grant). Megan will work with a professor from the quake-stricken city of Christchurch to study outcroppings that she discovered prior to the quake.

Ashley Miglin’13 (anthropology), “Conservation with FACE Nepal,” Katmandu, Nepal. Ashley will work with nurseries on conservation projects in Nepal.

Jason Mumma’12, (international relations), “Internship with the Community of Democracies: promoting democracies in South America,” Warsaw, Poland (Weissberg & International Education Grants). Jason will assist with research and planning of projects to support democracy in South America with this organization connected with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Matti Powers’12 (sociology), “Women's Rights and Reproductive Rights Advocacy,” Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center, Lake Andes, North Dakota (Weissberg Grant). Mattie will assist in building communication between tribal elders and government officials to stem problems of domestic violence.

Aurora Peck’13 (anthropology), “Rebellion Against Conventionality: an Intersection of Organic Farming and Natural Medicine,” France (International Education Grant). Aurora will study the culture of organic food and natural medicine production in France while volunteering on the farm.

Stephanie Previc’11 (health & society) “Cervical Cancer Screening & Treatment in a Border State: Visual Inspection using Acetic Acid and the Single Visit Approach for Hispanic Women,” Tucson, Arizona (Weissberg Grant). Stephanie will assist in providing reproductive health screenings that are more accessible to Hispanic women in Arizona as a means for reducing the disproportionate prevalence of cervical cancer.

Yunuen Rodriguez’12 (Self-Design: Negotiations of Power within Structures of Inequality) “Research Assistantship Studying Global Youth & Child Migration,” Princeton, NJ (Weissberg & International Education Grants). Yunuen will assist with graduate research on the migration of youth, including questions of citizenship and rights.

Susan Smela’12 (international relations, Japanese), “Manga Outside the Frame: the Experiential Study of a Japanese Phenomenon,” Akita City & Tokyo, Japan (Asian Studies Grant). Susan will support faculty research on Manga comics at Akita International University and will participate in Comiket to market her own manga work.

Kun Zhang’13 (international relations, mathematics), “Internship with Dongjen Center for Education and Action,” Beijing, China (Weissberg, Asian Studies). Kun will assist with the work of the Dongjen Center to promote understanding and advocacy about HIV and people living with AIDS.

And “Studying Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan China,” Kunming, China (Asian Studies Grant). Kun will join Tamir Abdel-Wahab in research on the overlapping identities of minorities living in Kunming, China.

Winter Break 2010-11

Renée Bartlett-Webber'11 (anthropology) - "Pura Vida - Costa Rican Construction of Identity" (Costa Rica)

Vivian Chen'12 (health & society) - "Hot and Cold Chinese Food Therapy" (Taiwan)

Alex Ebner'11 (modern languages) - "French Language and National Identity in Québec" (Canada)

Karla Figueroa'13 (international relations) - "Challenges Faced by Slum Children when Seeking Enrollment in Government Schools" (India)

Elizabeth Makarewizc'11 (anthropology, Spanish) -- "Indexing Identity through the Marketing of Slow Food" (Italy)

Isamu Pant'11 (international relations, sociology) - "Life in Dharavi: Investigating Push and Pull Factors in a Slum in Mumbai" (India)

Thu Pham'12 (media & performance, economics & management) - "Classical Chinese Theater" (China)

Jennifer Voecks'11 (modern languages) - "Where does Russia Stand Today? An Examination of the Commemoration of the Politically-Repressed in the Twenty-first Century Russia" (Russia)


International Projects, Summer 2010 

Anna Blankshien’10 (EDYS) – “Improving the Teaching of Indigenous Cultures: A Case Study” (New Zealand)

Midori Bowen’11 (international relations) – “Mudbloods and Blood Traitors: Japanese-Latin American Community Identities in Japan ” (Oizumi, Japan)

Mark Freker’12 (health & society) – “NGO Database Project: Dongjen Center for Human Rights Education and Action” (USA, China)

Parker Gassett’11 (biology) – “The Unseen World of the Galapagos: Under Water Photography and Marine Conservation during the 2010 El Niño Event” (Ecuador)

Ellery Hamman’12 (Chinese) – “Human Rights in China, Internship” (Hong Kong)

Marissa Hutton’12 (Undeclared) – “Corsican Music Ethnography Intensive Workshop” (Corsica, France)

Ahmad Javid'11(international relations) -- "Internship with the German Marshall Fund of the United States" (USA)

Lauren Jones’11 (modern languages, Asian Studies) – “Human Rights and NGO Education Library Project: Dongjen Center for Human Rights Education and Action” (USA, China)

Joseph Klein’13 (biology) – “Joining the Orangutan Health Project” (Indonesia)

Alyce Kuenzli’10 (EDYS) – “A Model for Educational Reform: Exploring Current Teacher Preparation/Training Practices and the Implications of Service-Learning” (Turkey)

Teng Liu’13 (anthropology & economics) – “How do Chinese Immigrants View Chinatown as an Ethnic Neighborhood?  A Month in Chinatown, NYC” (USA)

Anna Wolf’11 (international relations, Spanish) – “Service Learning Internship with Seva Mandir” (India)

Kate Wolf’13 (biology) – “Wetlands Ecology and Environmental Education” (Amur Region, Russian Federation)

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