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Beloiters Abroad

Nearly half of all Beloit College graduates spend at least one semester of their collegiate careers on an off-campus study program. This means that every year, we are sending a  number of our students to study at other institutions either domestically or internationally. 

The following links will take you to stories from students who have participated in an off-campus study program so that you can read firsthand about the impact study abroad can have.

  • Buccaneers Abroad

    Here at Beloit, even our athletes find time to fit study abroad into their busy schedules. See what some of our Varsity Buccaneers have to say about what a study abroad experience meant to them and how it fit into their academic and athletic careers. This link will take you to a page full of stories from our athletes who have been abroad.
  • The Terrarium's Postcards

    Every few weeks, the Terrarium chooses a current student to talk with about their time abroad. All of those chats are then published as articles on the website. This link houses all of the articles about Beloit students during their semester abroad, students who have returned from abroad, and stories from exchange and international students about their experiences here in Beloit.