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Affordability, Budgeting & Financing

Budget Worksheet ButtonAn off-campus semester can cost less, the same, or more than a semester at Beloit College.

  • Check room and board and personal expenditure estimates on websites for the options that interest you
  • Consult a study abroad advisor


  • Students pay Beloit College tuition to study abroad. Tuition payments do not change for 99% of participants.
  • Students whose study abroad program tuition exceeds $19,194/semester in 2019/20 are responsible for tuition payments above this amount.
  • Tuition remission and tuition exchange students will want to choose an exchange program, unless they are able to pay the relevant university/program tuition. Consult the financial aid office if this applies to you.
  • Financial aid, including Beloit College scholarships, applies to off-campus study during the academic year.
  • Most students do not pay Beloit College room and board while abroad. Instead, they are responsible for these, and may be billed for one or both by the university/program.
  • However, some students enrolling in exchange programs pay room and/or board to Beloit College.


Beloit College study abroad scholarships

  • Weissberg Study Abroad Equity Scholarships. For students pursuing studies and/or co-curricular activities related to human rights and social justice. Awards made on the basis of information provided in study abroad applications about interests and commitments to human rights and/or social justice.  Awards subsidize RT travel to the study abroad site and/or other expenses.
  • Beloit College travel scholarships for students with significant financial need. No application needed.
  • Summer project grants. These do not support academic year study abroad, but rather summer projects which may help students prepare for or build on study abroad. Application required (use this link to access information on applying).

External scholarships

  • Benjamin Gilman study abroad scholarship for U.S. citizens with Pell Grants
  • Freeman Asia Scholarship:  U.S. citizens and permanent residents with financial need who will study abroad in select countries in Asia
  • Provider program scholarships (Amideast, CIEE, SIT, etc.)
  • Church and community groups


  • Financial aid loans can apply to study abroad and domestic off-campus study
  • Beloit College Off-Campus Short-Term Loans can be used to cover start-up costs (passports, visas, immunizations, housing deposits, RT travel) before scholarships and other financial aid become available. Use this form to apply.

Cost considerations

  • Study Abroad Length: If you select a U.K. university on the term system, study abroad in the fall lasts roughly 11 weeks, and 22 weeks in the spring. Room and board will therefore cost more for spring study abroad than fall study abroad. UK universities on the semester system have calendars close to Beloit's, and room and board costs do not vary by semester. 
  • Semester Start and End Dates: In the southern hemisphere, the first semester runs from mid-March through July, and the second semester from late July until early November. German academic calendars and some Japanese calendars also differ significantly from Beloit College's. 
  • Travel Costs: Check airfare to your host country. Airfare to Australia, China, Japan, or New Zealand will cost more than airfare to Europe or Latin America.
  • Visas: Visas are sometimes required, but not always, with costs and application processes varying widely from country to country. Some countries require a personal visit to a consulate to apply for a visa. Please note that some countries require proof of a certain amount of funds in a student's bank account before issuing a visa. This is true for Japan and in the United Kingdom for students studying there for an academic year. Check visa requirements before committing to a study abroad location. 
  • Optional expenses. Play sports? There is no cost for using sports facilities in Ireland, but there is in England and Australia, and in some countries, universities do not have sports facilities so students will need to look for options off-campus. Student clubs may charge a modest participation fee. Will you live on campus, or take public transportation to get there? Plan to travel?


  • Try fundraising online, such as through FundMyTravel. And/or reach out to community groups in your hometown.