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Public Archaeology in the U.S. Virgin Islands (ANTH 275)

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Abby and Matt

Conduct preliminary archaeological investigations with the National Park Service in the U.S. Virgin Islands over a two-week period while enrolled in ANTH 275 Public Archaeology.

When:  January 2016

Where:  Cinnamon Bay, St John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Program fee:  Approximately $1300-1500. The fee includes transportation (Chicago-St John, V.I.), housing, meals, and other program costs.  The fee will be included in the spring 2014 bill.  Students are responsible for the application fee (once admitted), travel costs to and from O’Hare and any baggage fees.  Students must also have health insurance, those not covered under an existing policy will be enrolled in Beloit College's health insurance program through iNext.

Prerequisites:  Students enrolling in ANTH 275 Public Archaeology for spring 2016 must have completed ANTH 110. Prehistory and Archaeology and received permission from the instructor.  Preference will be given to students who have additional instruction in archaeological method or other field-based coursework. 

Note:  The National Park Service has been developing public exhibits in the Cinnamon Bay lab and museum facility.  Students with appropriate foundational coursework in museum studies are encouraged to apply to the program to gain this kind of exhibits experience. 

Program highlights:  This field course provides students with an opportunity to learn archaeological field methods while helping to clear, record, and collect 18th and 19th century Danish plantation ruins within the National Park on St John Island.  Through field work, readings, and discussions students will come to appreciate the challenges faced by the National Park Service in preserving and presenting the past to the public. While on St John, students will work with Ken Wild, the National Park Service archaeologists for the U.S. Virgin Islands and Shannon Fie, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Beloit College.

Housing:  Tents, stoves, and cooking equipment are provided.  Bathrooms and showers (cold water) are available within the Cinnamon Bay campground. Laundry facilities are available at a nearby campground.

Application deadline:  mid-October 2015

To apply:  Contact Shannon Fie for application information.  Once admitted, students will need to file an on-line application.

Field School contacts:  Shannon Fie, Anthropology

General program schedule:  Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm will be spent working with the NPS archaeologist. Monday thru Friday evenings and Saturday mornings will include lab work, readings, and group discussions. Students will have Saturday evening and all of Sunday to relax.

Archaelogy Lab