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Field Research in Cultural Anthropology

Conduct ethnographic anthropological research in Jamaica over a three-week period.

When:  TBD. The tentative date is May 2016.

Where:  Kingston, Jamaica

Program fee:  A comprehensive free, excluding airfare, is charged for this field school.  The fee includes all program activities, housing, and some meals.  Meal costs are kept low by students cooking some of their meals.  Participants will automatically be enrolled in health insurance designed for study abroad and will be billed for the cost. 

Prerequisites:  Students participating in the Jamaica field school must be enrolled in ANTH 211:  Field Research in Cultural Anthropology.  Additionally, they must have taken ANTH 210:  Field Research in Cultural Anthropology Preparatory Course, or obtained the consent of the instructor.   They are expected to enroll in ANTH 212:  Field Research in Cultural Anthropology Post Course, following the field school.  They may do this immediately following the school, or, if studying off campus in the fall 2013 semester, do so in a future year.

Program highlights:  The field school enables students to gather data over a three-week period to address research questions developed in the preparatory course.  In gathering their data, they will learn to appreciate the challenges inherent in qualitative research - particularly ethical ones - and gain experience taking the detailed notes they will need for the ethnographies they will write in the post-field school course.  While in Jamaica, they will work closely with the Beloit College field school instructors as well as with local interlocutors.

Housing:  Guest houses.

Application deadline:  TBD   

To apply:  Not currently accepting applications.

Field School contacts:  Lisa Anderson-Levy and Nancy Krusko, Anthropology