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Beloit College Faculty-Led Short-Term Programs

Beloit College offers several faculty-led short-term programs during the academic year.  These programs are generally embedded in semester-long course although they may also be sandwiched between courses taking place in the fall and spring semesters.

In all cases, the courses are taught by Beloit College faculty members and carry Beloit College credit.  There is no additional tuition cost for the programs as they are considered part of a student's normal semester course load.   However, a program fee is charged to cover the expenses associated with the programs, such as room and board.  The program descriptions contain information about cost, and also indicate whether application to the program is required.

Eligible students can work with the Beloit College Office of Financial Aid to adjust their student loans to cover the additional costs of attending the programs.

Jamaica Ethnographic Field School

Nicaragua in Transition:  Health and Microcredit

Public Archaeology in the U.S. Virgin Islands