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Options Costing Less than a Semester at Beloit College

Room, board, and airfare for the following study abroad options cost less than one semester of room and board at Beloit College.

Keep in mind, however, that your personal spending will impact cost, as well as any required extras such as visas and health insurance.

The recommended lists of disciplines are not comprehensive. Make sure to look at individual options for more information on possible connections to your studies.

Potential savings of up to $500

China - Shandong University, Jinan (D).   Recommended Disciplines:  Chinese in combination with other studies

Hungary –  Eötvös Collegium, Budapest (D).  Recommended Disciplines: Art History, Cognitive Science, Comparative Literature, English, History, Math, Modern Languages and Literatures, Political Science

Ireland - National University of Ireland: Galway (D).  Recommended Disciplines: Classics, English, Philosophy, Political Science

United Kingdom - University of Essex, Colchester, England (D).  Recommended Disciplines: Cognitive Science, Economics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

United Kingdom - University of York, York, England (D).  Recommended Disciplines: Anthropology, Economics, Environmental Studies, Math, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Theatre, Dance, and Media Studies, Medieval Studies

United Kingdom - Queen's University Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland (D).  Recommended Disciplines.  Anthropology, English, History, Law and Justice, Psychology

Potential Savings of up to $1000

Costa Rica - ACM: Field Research in the Environment, Social Sciences, & Humanities (P).  Recommended Disciplines:  Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Geology, Modern Languages and Literatures, Spanish

Greece - Arcadia in Greece, Athens (D).  Recommended Disciplines: Classics

India - ISEP: University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad (D).  Recommended Disciplines:  Critical Identity Studies, English, History, Math, Religious Studies, and Theatre, Dance, and Media Studies

Indonesia - SIT: Arts, Religion, and Social Change, Bedulu (P).  Recommended Disciplines: Anthropology, and Theatre, Dance, and Media Studies

Jordan - ACM Jordan: Middle East & Arabic Language Studies, Amman (P) Recommended Disciplines: Arabic, CRIS, Development Studies, Environmental Studies, Development  Studies Religious Studies, History, International Relations, Middle East Studies, Religious Studies, Political Science, Sociology

Potential Savings above $1000

Botswana - ACM: Development in Southern Africa, Gaborne (P).  Recommended Disciplines:  Economics, Education, Development Studies, Health and Society, Sociology

Costa Rica - ACM: Community Engagement in Public Health, Education & the Environment (P) Recommended Disciplines: Education, Health & Society, Environmental Studies, Social Sciences, Spanish

Czech Republic - ISEP: Masaryk University, Brno (D). Recommended Disciplines: Education and Youth Studies

India - ACM: Development Studies & Hindi Language, Jaipur (P)  Recommended Disciplines:  Development Studies, Economics

India - ACM: Culture, Traditions, & Globalization, Pune (P) Recommended Disciplines:  CRIS, Health & Society, Media Studies

Tanzania - ACM: Ecology & Human Origins, Dar es Salaam (P) Recommended Disciplines: Anthropology, Biology, Environmental Studies, Geology


D:  Direct enrollment in a university as a visiting student

Ex: Enrollment in a university as an exchange student

P:  Provider program.  Program organized for students attending U.S. colleges and universities.


Last updated: 1/2017